Sh*t People Say to Skinny Guys

By Michael McLaughlin

I’m joining the “sh*t people say” meme at its post-zenith, but I thought there was time for just one more. And after all this time, I was able to corner the market on one subject that, given the hordes of SPS videos, has not been covered yet. Could it be that there are simply not that many of us skinny people? I could have used the term “shit people say to lean guys” but that would definitely not have had the same oomph.

It’s pretty easy to corner this market when Levis stopped making your jean size of 28×36 six years ago, but don’t worry about me, I can still get dead stock on Ebay and I do! Now bear in mind that I made sure the lighting for this video made obvious every bone in my body, so if you’re about to take an exam on the human skeleton and forget how many bones are in it, just watch my video! If you do, you get to see a skinny guy do dancing under a disco ball to really bad techno that he recorded himself just for this purpose!

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