Simple paper turned into two-dimensional art

paper-fold-art-12 The German artist Simon Schubert uses only sheets of paper when he folds it into two-dimensional art works.

paper-fold-art-14 paper-fold-art-13 paper-fold-art-11 paper-fold-art-10 paper-fold-art-9 paper-fold-art-8 paper-fold-art-7 paper-fold-art-6 paper-fold-art-5 paper-fold-art-4 paper-fold-art-3 paper-fold-art-2 paper-fold-art-1His work contains mostly of things that have sharp edges so it makes it possible to fold, like stairs, hallways and buildings. See how paper goes alive with human evolution origami.


  1. Uhhhh no they didnt mean 3d they meant 2d… if it were 3d it would be standing up not lying down… you would be able to poke your finger through a doorway but you can’t.

  2. It’s a 2-D artwork that employs perspective, texture, and shading to give the illusion of 3-D. It boggles my mind to have that kind of patience and attention to detail in the folding of paper.

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