Souvenirs And Their Real Life Counterparts

Tourists are famous for taking same odd poses in front of some of the world’s most popular sites and monuments, and it seems like there’s no end to it. For instance, countless people taken turns pretending to support the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Sure, it was fun the first 20 times, but at what point does high-fiving the Statue of Liberty lose it’s novelty?

It restores our faith in mankind to see that not all tourists fall for the same old routine, and that sparks of creativity still appear among the masses of avid world travelers.

We might never know who the first person was to place a souvenir replica of the Eiffel Tower against the actual landscape of the real thing, but the idea has spread around the world from London to Cairo.  People use items like postcards, toys or souvenir mugs – placing them in their pics so they blend in with the background.  Creative, sometimes funny, and always a little bit tricky – we proudly present some of the best souvenir pics, along with our favorite – the Beatles album cover held in front of the famous Abbey Road street crossing.

Check out how Lego objects are being blended with city life.

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