Spectacular 3D sculptures made of steel wire

Artist Shi Jindian has taken sculpturing to a whole new level. He uses steel, or more precisely steel wires, to make spectacular three-dimensional objects. Some of his work is wire framed motorcycles, chairs and even skulls.

It took him a lot of practice to make the sculptures look how he wanted them to, and his famous technique is to take a steel wire and wrap it around an object. After several hundred wires are put around the object, he destroys it from the inside, leaving only the item’s “skeleton.”

His work is exhibited at the White Rabbit Gallery. Mr Jindian’s talents certainly place him  among the top modern artists in the world.

Another creative artist has also managed using just a few materials, like plywood and ink, for his amazing 3D sculptures.


  1. These are truly unbelievable. I can’t believe that the artist was even able to make them as well as they did given what they had to work with.

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