Spring Color Ideas For Decorating Your Home

There’s no better time than spring to start redecorating your house and give it that fresh spring look. This is the perfect season to replace the dark colors in your house with soft pastel colors. Here are some spring color ideas for decorating your home.

Choosing pastels colors to decorate your house, may give you the impression that it will look a bit too feminine as these colors are associated with that. But, that shouldn’t be a worry, as long as you combine them in the correct manner, they can also be used for more masculine interior designs.

If you think researching by yourself is not enough don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, so you get everything right.


Cotton candy, baby blue, lilac, mint green or yellow are some of the colors found on the pastel palette. All these colors go great when they are combined with white, which you will notice when you will look at the pictures below, and hopefully you will be inspired on how to decorate your house with pastel colors this spring.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Reinventing your bedroom with the help of pastel color can be quite easy and fun. There are just few details you need to change to get the fresh look. First thing you can do, is to change your curtains and the bedding, in matching pastel shades. If you are going for a feminine look, cotton candy and lilac are the colors to choose, but if you wish to obtain a more masculine aspect for your bedroom, mint and baby blue are the colors to go for.




Dining Room Ideas

One easy way to add paste colors to your dining room, is to get your chairs in pastel colors. Once you have chosen the color, change your curtains in the same shade or if your are brave and confident enough, create an interesting combination between the two color.
Also, don’t forget about the pillows on your couch. They are not expensive to change and the right pastel colors will totally refresh the room. Table cloths are another detail that could give the room a stylish and bright springy look.




Bathroom Ideas

If you are scared to go for these colors, as you don’t know if they will look how you imagine, here is a tip. Try making this transition first in the bathroom, as it is the easiest room to change the colors. Choose a pastel shade you like and get to work. The bathroom is your canvas.




Living Room Ideas

The living room is the most important room of every hose. This is the place where we gather with our family and friends and enjoy our time. A greater reason why this room should give you that comfortable and cozy feeling. There is no doubt that light colors can make the room feel more welcoming, this is why pastels would be a great choice for your living room.


living room

For example, if you have a white or light colored sofa, add some interesting pastel pillows, but make sure they match the curtains and the carpet. There is no need for you to redecorate the entire room, and spend all your money on it. Remember: the difference is in the details.

living 2

Add a fabulous touch of color wherever you think it fits. A fast way to do it, is by adding to the room a bright colorful carpet. This will change the whole aspect of the room, and you will only have to add some extra details here and there.

Buy some plants and find a place for them, you will notice the greenish change they bring in.


Light up the room. The right lighting item in the room not only will make it look better, but it will also improve your mood.
One other important thing to remember, is to put your curtains away and let the light in. Its spring, and sunshine is part of the interior design.
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