7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Spring is here and this means warmer temperatures, longer days, Easter, bright blue skies and wonderful, sunny afternoons spent outside with family and friends. Of course you will have a lot of interesting activities planned, like barbecues, or games, so maybe it would be a good idea to rethink the looks and feels of your house and garden. Although most people prefer to invest in their homes, this doesn’t mean that they always have time or money for it. Are you short on cash? No problem. Does your garden require more greenery? This can be resolved. From innovative outdoor furniture to simple indoor tricks, here are 7 excellent spring decorating ideas that will help you prep the house for summer.

1. Swing Set Table

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

The best way to transform dinner into play time is by purchasing your very own Swing Table, from Duffy London. The design is very simple, yet effective. You have eight hanging chairs arranged across a table with an upper structure. The chairs are suspended from it, and so is the GEO lampshade. If you are worried about the cleaning part, you will be thankful to know that it is extremely simple to vacuum, since the chair have no legs. As the manufacturers say, We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. This table will certainly bring out the child inside, and be a welcomed addition to your garden parties.

2. Chandelier that Turns the Room into a Forest

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Do you love the forest, but have none close enough to visit? No problem! The Light sculpture Forms in Nature by Hilden & Diaz will bring the forest into your home. Due to its intricate design, the chandelier projects branch-like shapes when the light is turned on. The walls will therefore look like a forest (sort of a scary one if you ask us). Mirrorings are thrown upon the walls and ceiling to provide with a flow of consciousness.

3. Lounging in Style

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

There is nothing more enjoyable than lounging in your backyard and drinking a glass of red wine. In order to do this, all you need is a few items like a day bed, potted plants, Chinese lanterns, cushions and a small coffee table. There are many DIY projects out there that can teach you how to quickly make a stylish and comfortable place for the family, while sticking on a budget.

4. The Hammock Bed

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

I have dreamed about such a bed all my life, and now it is finally here! Considering that we spend more than 240 hours a week sleeping, it seems only natural that one would seek a comfortable place to do so. The hammock bed is perfect for this, and also perfect for the lazy afternoon summer naps. It combines functionality with beauty thanks to its classic zig-zag stitching and unique design. The best thing about it is that it can be taken down when it uses up too much space, and moved somewhere else.

5. Backyard Cinema

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Are there really any more words needed? Setting up a backyard cinema is extremely simple. All you need is a screen for the projector, some sitting areas, lights and popcorn. Just imagine gathering all your friends and enjoying classic movies in the middle of the night. It is an excellent spring decorating idea!

Here’s a great Cinebox Backyard Theater System that you will adore, but you can also make some of it yourself for a lower price.

6. Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature Lovers

Number 6 on our spring decorating list is the Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit.This might require a bit of an investment, since you have to redo the outdoor design of the garden in order to introduce the beach-themed fire pit. Once you have added the sand and stone sitting areas, you’re set to go!

7. Walk-in Pool

7 Awesome Spring Decorating Tricks for Nature LoversIt is possible to make a walk-in pool instead of a regular. The main idea is to tilt the ground slightly instead of adding stairs. Not only will it be easier to get into the water, but it will also be safer when one walks out.

We hope you liked these spring decorating ideas!

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