Welcome to the Dark Side: 3 Squid Ink Recipes to Make You Drool

If your level of awareness regarding food health is high, it means you already know that besides choosing their dishes based on the number of calories intake, vitamin or fiber content and long – term effects and properties over our bodies, some people choose their food also by color. And if you already know that everything natural and green is healthy for you, while the entire rainbow of colored fruits and vegetables will do you a world of good if you consume them regularly, today we will take you a step further and invite you to the Dark Side, where the cookies do indeed taste better, because here, we cook in black.

Yes, we are gong to talk about black food, and not the kind of black you may be familiar with, as in caviar or blackberries, but food that gains a natural black color when combined with squid ink. And food treated with squid ink does not only look like something that would feed Darth Vader’s black soul, but gains fullness, richness, a sea flavor, while it seems the other spices and flavors also become more poignant and delicious. Not to mention that some dishes look like works of art. So we will take a quick look together over 5 squid ink recipes to make you drool and if you manage to master them, maybe we’ll let you cook for our Sith Lords over here.

1. Squid Ink Pizza

This guy who made it deserves an award for bringing to the table two of the most appreciated things in the dark world: pizza and the color black. According to his own saying, the ingredients he used are as follows:

Garlic and Herb flavored pizza dough, seafood mix (scallops, shrimps and calamari rings), three different types of cheeses (Parmigiano-Regiano, Pecorino-Romano and parmesan cheeses) and sun dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil

And squid ink, of course, which made everything look like in the picture. We bet our used Lightsabers against a pair of new ones that this pizza was not only delicious, but would make any Sith Lord happy with his dinner. Read the full recipe and cooking process here.

2. Squid ink risotto with char grilled marinated squid

It sounds complicated, but in truth, it isn’t. Here on the Dark Side we like both rice and squid, so it is only logical to try soaking the risotto with the ink. This means your regular white rice becomes a black mass (ha! good one!) of full powerful flavors. This one is from BBC Food and it looks delicious.

All you need is risotto and squid, among many other items, such as garlic, onions, some chicken stock and many other spices and flavored herbs, but it is best to let you write down all the ingredients and preparation steps you can find here.

3. Squid-Ink Meringue Cheese Mousse

We saved best for last, because as a follower of the Dark Side, you are aware that yes, there are cookies, yes, they are better than any cookies in the world, and, surprise! they are black too. Well, they became squid ink black not so long ago, but since we discovered the culinary masterpiece of the Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar. Among the most mind – blowing squid ink recipes to make you drool, this one does not only take the cake, but IS the cake. Assuming that you already know hot to make meringue (elimination exam for joining the Dark Side, we hope you practiced a lot before facing the admission committee), for bonus points, you can check out the principles of creating a spectacular squid – ink meringue cheese mousse here.

As you see, the competition for joining the Dark Side is fierce and only the best can win the cooking competition. There are more squid – ink recipes to make you drool and convince the Sith Lords you are worthy of dining and wining at their table, so start doing your homework!

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