Star Wars AT-AT makes a great pet


If you are allergic to dogs or cats, you should maybe consider getting an AT-AT toy, a famous Star Wars robot character. Nick Drummond is a proud owner of of a 25+ year old AT-AT called ATilla, and it’s getting perfectly along with his cat Ringo.

Nick has taken a lot of photos showing what his AT-AT is doing on a daily basis, and the pictures are really comic because they represent the Star Wars toy as a real pet. It does the same things as a dog would do – go for long walks, scratch on doors, sniff around, etc.

at-and-t-stairs at-and-t-is-a-pet at-and-t-at-radiator at-and-t-at-home at-and-t-at-door at-and-t-at-beach at-and-t-as-pet-at-park at-and-t-as-pet Others have also fun with Star Wars, like these guys who shows how Star Wars would look if it took place on the earth.


  1. great site and art pictures to and i love what you done on the star wars pictures… the force always be with you all times

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