Three Star Wars Moments that Deserved a Scene in the Movie

The Starwars world has always been a reason for hype, but since Lucasfilm has announced that it would be disintegrating the entire expanded universe (which includes short stories, comics, cartoons, novels and every gaming universe created in Star Wars in the last 40 years) there has been even more hype. There are countless of stories in the Star Wars world. Some of them include green humanoid rabbits and talking mountains that you probably do not want to see, but some story-lines are so epically insane that they deserve a mention. It is actually too bad that you will never be able to see them on screen.

1. Jabba the Hutt’s Death Triggered Evil Murder Robots


Jabba the Hut is one of the most exciting, and in the same time disgusting super-villains in the Star Wars universe. As you can imagine he is also one of the most influential mobsters in the Galaxy, so his death was not taken lightly. As a matter of fact, entire inter-galactic mob-wars erupted after he died, but none was more amazing than the Hutt war droids that Jabba himself ordered to activate in the event of his death.

The droids were four in number, and they were hidden around Jabba’s stomping ground of Mos Eisley. Their mission was extremely simple: once Jabba died they were to stomp in all four directions, kill everything in their way and chant “We mourn for the exalted Jabba, we cry for the magnificent Jabba, we grieve for the illustrious Jabba.” We don’t know who else could have worshipped this slime-ball with a fetish for golden panties though.

2. The One-Armed Snow Monster – The Empire Strikes Back


You are probably already familiar with the “wampas” –those goat-horned demon ice bearers- which, at some point, attack poor Luke Skywalker. One of them gets its arm sliced off for this. We will probably never understand why Luke didn’t simply use his amazing laser sword to kill the thing, and decided to spend a night in its cave. Nevertheless, for those who sympathize with him for not finishing the job, they should know that the sneaky bastard comes back for a rematch. Believe it or not that poor wampa harbored a vendetta for a man it could barely see for years, until Luke finally decided to return to that god-forsaken planet.

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“And with its eyes fixed on Luke, its nemesis… the one-armed monster lunged for Callista, instead. (…) Putting all the Force behind his swing, Luke cleaved the one-armed snow creature in half. The dead monster continued to growl and gurgle as it lay smoking on the threshold of the shield door. “I thought I had done that a long time ago.” Luke whispered.

3. Cloud City Becomes a Thunderdome After Lando’s Departure


The Cloud City mining facility is strange enough as it is, but after Lando decides to abandon the place to join the rebellion, the facility devolves into a dystopian hamster cage. The human who has his brain directly connected to the Cloud City computer loses it when Lando leaves. There is actually a comic book dedicated to this event called “Coffin in the Clouds”. In it, Lando comes back to his beloved Cloud City to find a crazy Lobot, agitated workers and a lot of explosives.  In the end he manages to calm down Lobot, who ends up saving his life. Of course, their crash-land on the planet’s surface manages to tick off even more agitated workers, which Lando beats up to get what he wants.

We hope you liked the three most interesting moments that deserve to appear in the movie because they are funny, interesting or simply action-packed.


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