Star Wars never looked so real

This set of images, where the Star Wars scenes appear so realistic, is called “StArt Wars”. The shooting of the photos happened in Dubai and is directed by photographer Cedric Delsaux from France. The project shows how Star Wars would look if it took place on the earth instead of the space.

He is an awarded photographer and winner of the newcomer’s “France Bourse du Talent” competition which stands for “Young Talent Award for Photography”. If you are a Star Wars fan you should check out why Star Wars movie posters in Russia differ from other posters.


  1. Uhhhh who told you that these look like Star Wars?
    The aesthetics are completely irrelevant.

  2. One thing I always hated about Star Wars was it’s muppet-like sets. I guess they had to make them that way to blend in with their 70’s space models.

  3. The 9th image, the stormtrooper sitting up in the roof is incorrect in size, compared to those on the floor. He looks 12ft tall.

    proportion fail

  4. @Don

    Wow. Everything about your sentence is incorrect.

    On topic: Some of these are terrible, but Vader and the trade federation droids sitting on the car are great.

  5. @steve

    Look again. He’s not “sitting on a roof.” He’s riding a speeder bike, and is closer to the camera, hence his lager size.

    Proportion correct.


  6. @STEVE “The 9th image, the stormtrooper sitting up in the roof is incorrect in size, compared to those on the floor. He looks 12ft tall.

    proportion fail”

    its because they are battle droids…analysis fail

  7. Ha ha, minor discrepancies in proportion in otherwise beautiful and unique photographs should be brought to attention so that EVERYONE KNOWS HOW SMART I AM.
    Who cares? Get over it.

  8. Awesome. Are these in Desktop-Resolution available somewhere? The AT-AT would be the greatest Wallpaper ever.

  9. @steve, thats because he is not sitting up in the roof. He is riding a speederbike and is closer to the camera than the rest of the group.

    perception fail….

  10. Shows you how computer graphics and new developments still do not match real world scenes and great cinematography. Time to make a new star wars in this tone.

  11. Steve in the 9th image, The Biker Scout you are referring to is not “sitting up in the roof” he is riding a speeder bike (the ones from Endor) and he is much closer to front which is why he appears to be bigger. Look at it again.

  12. What’s happening in the 12th photo with all the cranes? I can’t see anything Star Warsy. Is it the yellow crane in the foreground?

  13. Several of the battle droid shots are good, but most of these are awful. In many of these, the scale is way off, and the project comes across as lazy or amateurish photoshop work done on a hot Friday afternoon after a heavy lunch. If a friend did this and emailed them to me, I would laugh a little and delete it. This is by no means professional level work.

  14. That is soooo neat , istunned , a great idea , very well executed ! , wicked! thanx for sharing !

  15. This makes me remember the first movies of Star Wars. It is so like Star Wars to me. This are good projection of Star Wars.

    Thank you for the post. When you have time, feel free to visit mine.

  16. @STEVE – That isn’t a droid sitting on the roof, it’s one of those flying scout things you see in the Hoth planet battle. Comment fail..

  17. Please tell you me you have high-resolution versions of these images that you’ll post at a later date?

  18. Google search ST-ST in fog got me a nice 1280 version of it. Just search Google with a description of the pic, then more sizes… done.


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