Star Wars Rebels – the Newest CGI Animated Saga from Disney

Star Wars Rebels in the newest series of CGI animated cartoons from one of the most well known brands in the world. Prominent thanks to the previous smash hits, both on TV and in the cinema, the Rebels saga has brought fresh ingredients to the already successful recipe presented initially more than four decades ago. Little guys and many little girls, were fascinated with the figures from this cinematographic work of art, dreaming to be Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia, and the majority of them wanted a piece of these films for their own fun time.


Compared to the complex collections of stories and large action opportunity offered of The Clone Wars, this cartoon sequel takes an obvious direction through the universe. Taking place 14 years after the story in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and 5 years prior to A New Hope, the CGI animated Star Wars Rebels tells the various adventures of a group of rogue rebels onboard their spacecraft Ghost and who go on an assault against the evil Galactic Empire ships. If all this seems familiar, it was intended to be that way.

New Stuff in the Star Wars Rebels Series

The show also presents a bunch of new fighters for the Star Wars fans. It is focused on the Star Wars Rebel symbol, Kanan Jarrus, a wise Jedi trooper who is leading the Ghost squadron. He is joined by Ezra, a street urchin, who is unacquainted with the use of the Force, Zeb – the commando’s muscles and Chewbacca, Hera – a pilot and proprietor of the Ghost; Sabine – the Mandalorian specialist in explosives and graffiti artist, also the irritated and negativist android known as Chopper. He and Zeb have been created considering the conceptual styles for R2-D2 and Chewbacca, respectively.

Disney’s Star Wars Rebel is following the evil times of the Empire’s malefic expansion, as they hunt and destroy all of the Jedi Knights in combat. Meanwhile, a small revolt is brewing – a kernel for the long run Rebel Alliance.

Having all of the figures from the greatly well known cartoon TV Clone Wars along with some of the liked characters from other sagas, Star Wars Rebels is sure to be the new symbol amongst all age categories. Exclusive head-to-head fights are presented in the series, the costume designs have all been improved, which can allow battlegrounds and specialized effects to be created according to the recent tendencies in the 2D/3D industry. The characters are able to perform as separatist factions or as a Jedi, while this revolutionary visual technology permits brand-new capabilities for the figures

The creators of the soon-to-be-launched video season of Star Wars Rebels say that this is going to be very different from all the past stories that have been before it. In addition, the saga will also be released with its own LEGO toy sets at the same time in all the major stores. By having such a large launch, this not only goes to demonstrate the worldwide reputation of the Lego toys, but also the long term Star Wars fame and the loyalty of fans to the brand’s fame.

Star Wars Rebels has an absolutely original and brand-new design than the past cartoon series, since the creator’s stories have centered the saga and its characters on their original vision. The Clone Wars, which was broadcasted on the cartoon channels, provided the art styles of less of a classical look and more of a cartoonist appearance, something absolutely original from the other series which were in accordance with the Star Wars look.


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