Star Wars stencils on the streets over the whole world

remember-your-dreams-stenci Star Wars is still very popular, especially among younger people, and the stencils they make are both of R2D2, C3po, AT-AT, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Yoda, and so on, all the famous Star Wars characters.

If you haven’t heard about stencils, they are basically symbols, shapes, patterns, letters or numbers made by using a template with holes. So if you spray color on the template that is placed on maybe a wall, the image or pattern will appear when you remove it from the wall, because the color went through the patterned holes and made a symbol or an image. It’s common to see stencils with other graffiti, and one funny selection of stencils that has been found are the Star Wars stencils that are spotted all over the world.

han-solo-stencil c3po-stencil yoda-stencil-art stormtrooper-stencil stormtrooper-garage-stencil stoorttroopers-stencil star-wars-stencil r2d2-stencil dart-vader-stencil at-and-t-stencil at-and-t-eating stop-wars-stencilThere are a lot of fun things people do with Star Wars figures, like for example make an AT-AT toy be your pet.


  1. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so this article is 10 thumbs up, if I had 10 thumbs!

  2. I agree, thumbs up! Stencils are so much prettier and they have that edgy cut, than graffiti.

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