15 Strange Details you Have Probably not Seen in the Background of Movies

Putting together a movie, especially a Sci-Fi or historical one is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to clearing and preparing the set. No matter how hard they try, directors seem to let minor details slip in the backgrounds. Some of them we don’t even see, and others we discover later. While some directors insert certain peculiar happenings to test our presence of spirit, most of them pray to God we won’t see that giant air-plane in the background of the Lord of the Rings Set. However, we live in the 21st century, and one individual, out of millions of viewers is bound to find a mistake and plaster it online. let’s take a look at the most baffling mistakes in the background of movies.

15. Number 15 in our list of strange details is a bizarre scene from Mr. Nanny. The bad-ass protagonist is just riding his bike, minding his own business, and in the background a guy is throwing his dog into the ocean. Wtf?


14. There are some people who can’t make the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars (this is because they are infidels who have not seen the series), but it seems that the directors of Star Trek were also confused for a second. In Star Trek Into Darkness we see a flying R2-D2 in the background.


13. The Pirates of the Caribbean had some minor mistakes of its own. One of them would be adding Matthew McConaughey to one of the Pirate Ship Scenes.


12. Disney is well known for introducing characters from their stories in their other stories. A perfect example would be that of The Little Mermaid, where Goofy, Donald and Mickey are present in the crowd during Triton’s descent. 


11. In Harry Potter, child endangerment is a normal occurrence, so why would anyone mind if students are enjoying some sexy time on the hallways? 


10. Remember the story of the Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy’s Ruby slippers? It appears that the directors forgot about them in this scene.


9. In a Galaxy far, far away, there is actually room for poor little E.T. and his relatives.


8. In this scene, of North by Northwest, Gary Grant nudges his co-actor to remind him that he is supposed to lean because of a “sharp turn”. The scene looks extremely unrealistic.


7. Banksy seems to be present absolutely everywhere. We absolutely love his work, and also the fact that one of his cameos appears in Children of Men, in the background.


6. Hill Valley High School has night classes, how cool is that? 


5. In the Emperor’s new groove, there is a scene where poison is thrown over a cactus plant. before the poison the cactus looks normal, after it it looks like a llama (or horse). You choose. 


4. What is that weird guy with a cap doing in the background of the Braveheart movie? Is he lost?


3. Number three on our list of strange details you have probably not seen in the backgrounds of movies is Coldplay’s Chris Martin who appears in Shawn of the Dead. 


2. Les Triplettes de Belleville has an incredibly strange scene. At some point they show a toilet with a “surprise” in it. That surprise also takes the form of Mickey Mouse. Who knows, maybe Walt Disney was there.


1. In Enter the Dragon a guy gets beaten up, and everybody is sad, except that guy who seems to be laughing uncontrollably.


We would love to see more strange details in the backgrounds of movies, so if you have any feel free to send them to us, and we will create a brand new list. We hope you enjoyed these examples of movie background fails (or masterpieces?).

Source: Cracked.com

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