5 Strange Flavored Beers to Try Once in a Lifetime

You know how we like tasting, trying and enjoying strange foods and beverages, going to new crazy places, roam the world for the most exotic, weird and unfamiliar dishes and drinks. So you can imagine we won’t waste a minute before discovering some strange flavored beers to try once in a lifetime, just as we set the goal of trying the strange flavored ice – creams around the world we talked about not a long time ago.

Some of these beer flavors are not completely unknown to you, especially if you’re in the curious and courageous department and your regular ale doesn’t satisfy your needs to explore uncharted territories on your taste buds’ map, but given the large variety of odd tasting beers, among even the largest one of “normal” tasting ones, you might find among these 5 strange flavored beers to try once in a lifetime, at least one to become your favorite. And for the fun of it, let’s look as them as regular meals replacements, not that we’d encourage having beer for breakfast.

1. Breakfast – Bacon Maple Ale

bacon maple ale

Breakfast without bacon is like trying to get a tan in the middle of the night. It just doesn’t make sense. Also, since pancakes and maple syrup is another favorite choice for a jolly morning, it makes perfect sense to have a beer that combines bacon and maple. Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale is powered by Rogue Ales in Oregon and it promises a once in a lifetime experience. Now if you really want to have breakfast, it seems that an omelet, pastry or some ham sandwiches go great with this mind – blowing ale.

2. Brunch – Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter

peanut butter coffee

Now we know peanut butter also falls in the breakfast category, but you can’t just stuff yourself with beer so early in the morning. But if you want to take a quick bite somewhere during brunch hour, peanut butter and coffee seem the way to go, especially if you’re the type that kills for peanut butter and coffee. The Willoughby Brewing Company is here to serve you a 5% alcohol mix that can make your taste buds explode and your brain develop and addiction.

3. Lunch – Pizza Beer

pizza beer

Besides bacon, which is the engine of the world, pizza is the boat that rocks the world, as it contains a lot of yummy ingredients to die for. So lunch and pizza go great together, especially if pizza comes in a beer bottle. Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer comes with the taste of pizza crunchy addictive crust and basil, oregano, tomato and garlic flavors. What can you ask for more? If you ever reach the place, taste this, among all the other strange flavored beers to try once in a lifetime and come back to us to tell if it is just as heavenly as we believe.

4. Afternoon munchies – Spicy Vegetables Beer

spicy vegetables beer

It’s quite healthy to add some spices to your lifestyle and if you feel like having a snack in the afternoon that is both delicious and able to give you a ride through Hell, this one is for you. It is marketed as being the hottest beer ever made and its name says enough to scare you: Ghost Face Killah (powered by Twisted Pine Brewery). It is a mix of hot peppers, aromatic herbs and fruity notes and it guarantees you won’t feel your tongue (or internal organs for that matter, as you’ll get scorched and paralyzed on the inside), but you will definitely build and appetite. Consider this a small salad with immense benefits.

5. Dinner – Oyster Beer

oyster beer

Remember we had Japanese oyster ice-cream? Well apparently, oysters are humanity’s most favorite delight when it comes to refined tastes and luxurious combinations. So instead going to a fancy restaurant and leave your month’s paycheck on an empty oyster plate, you could go for one of these strange flavored beers to try once in a lifetime and keep some money in your pocket. The Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout by Maryland’s finest Flying Dog Ales, is an artwork produced by people who understand oysters are the way to go when it comes to drinking beer.

If you can handle yourself after having so much ale, you can try even some dessert. Liquid, of course, as these people don’t mess around when it comes to strange beers.

Chocolate Milk Stout

So for your sweet tooth, you can choose from Shorts Brewing Company’s Key Lime Pie (which tastes like key lime pie at its best), Tex Mex Beer’s seasonal Siesta Prickly Pear Lager (a light, summary fresh fruit salad to wash away the oysters) to Odell Brewing’s Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout, which is a creamy, chocolaty, milky mix that will transport you in the land of Willy Wonka – in the good way. Enjoy! And remember, be responsible and don’t drink too much! Leave some for the others too.

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