Around the World in Five Strange News

Don’t you just love it when you browse your news feed with that face that says “bring it on, nothing surprises me anymore” while you display a condescending smile and twerk your shoulder just barely visible, muttering a “meh” sound from time to time with your eye balls glued to the screen wanting, needing something, anything, to get you out of your boredom? And don’t you just love it when sometimes you find a little piece of news that suddenly captures your interest enough to consider to move the mouse an inch to the side and click on the link promising finally some entertainment?

I personally am such arrogant creature who avoids at all cost tabloid titles that promise me never ending shocks while my life is about to change dramatically, while I keep a reserved smirk for other strange news around the world, just because I am willing to be surprised. I expect some rocks thrown at me soon enough, because my choice of strange news might not match other people’s tastes in the “surprising” department. But I am willing to take my chances. So here are five strange news from  around the world that actually made me click the link.

1. Where are all the good men gone? To Vatican, apparently

hot priest

Now admit it, seeing hot priests in a calendar that is sold for 10 Euros in Rome, displaying some male figures women would wish they didn’t swear a chastity oath is quite intriguing. The “Roman Priest Calendar” is the art work of photographer Piero Pazzi who selected his priest models based on their looks, but aims to educate people about Vatican with this project. So: Vatican. Hot Priests. Educated enough?

2. The fake call of the Cthulhu

vietnamese monster

This one made my day, and I guess made everybody on the Internet day. The Vietnamese lived a few thrilling days with their “subterranean monster” which was marketed as a giant worm, an alien monster or at least some prehistoric creature set out to torment innocent people’s lives. Good thing they found out it was just a dead whale…

3. From Dracula to Ghostly Walkers: Romania, again in the strange news from around the world


When Emily Matchar with “The Atlantic” started her journey to find some of the most interesting and intriguing supernatural manifestations around the world I expected to find Romania somewhere there on the list, because if you’re a freak like me, you’re interested in everything that has a connection to myths, folklore and the supernatural in Eastern European countries. But Dracula is so overrated these days, so there are few things to surprise me anymore. But fret no more, cause Drac’s home land made it again in the news, as Emily took a closer look to their ghosts and ghouls. It is still debatable the information regarding burring a corpse with a bottle of whiskey next to it to prevent it from waking up as a blood hungry zombie.

4. 441 bottles of beer… oh, wait… 441 new species discovered in the Amazonian jungle

purring monkey

I love science and weird news, so when World Wildlife Fund tells you they just discovered a vegetarian Piranha fish, a frog the size of your finger nail or a monkey that purrs like a cat, you click the link, cause boy, is this world full of mysteries, or what? You might tell me this is no valid piece of news, and I will tell you that if by news you mean the latest trick the Kardashians pulled on the Internet…

5. Suck it up, Jaws!


If you didn’t figure it out by now, I’ll say it again: I am not a big fan of shocking news or pieces of information that travel the Internet at speeds that would shame even Superman. I am merely pointing a few ones that actually sounded interesting enough to take me out of my usual superiority attitude. So an American boxer punched a live shark and got away alive, according to Mirror Online. Why was this interesting? Cause how cool is it to surf, meet the shark, punch it in the face, jump the surfboard again, be followed by the shark and live to tell the story?

There were a few other strange news from around the world that managed to become viral and so popular, everybody shared them in the true Internet fashion (disfiguring the truth until unrecognizable, that is), but this was my personal selection. Punches in the face welcome. And for the record, I didn’t fall for the one with the snake swallowing a drunken man whole.

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