5 Strange Things You Did not Know About Hitler

Adolf Hitler (born on April 20, 1889), is the person responsible for the initiation of World War II. It is true that under his leadership millions of people died, but this doesn’t make people less interested in his person. It is a perverse interest in the unexpected and unknown that makes people want to know more about Hitler. A hundred years after his birth, people started to present him in photographic representations, Memes, funny gifs and more. Like Elvis, Hitler’s life is also shrouded in mystery. The following strange things you did not know about Hitler might humanize this tyrant (we are not arguing that he wasn’t human), but they were not collected for this end. We simply want to learn more about the person responsible for the pain and suffering of millions of people.


1. Time Magazine Announced him “The Man of the Year”

Interestingly enough, in 1938, Time Magazine made Hitler the Man of the Year (it was soon corrected to Person of the Year). The next year, Joseph Stalin got nominated. This makes you question Time Magazine’s choices, who had a habit of choosing Middle Americans, Baby Boomer, and of course, Hitler as their subjects. Nevertheless, to be nominated for Person of the Year you must have power (may it be political, social or economical). Hitler was a perfect example of what evil can come from too much power.

2. He was a Lady-Killer

Mustache aside, Hitler was one serious Don Juan. He had a number of girlfriends (one of them was also his niece). Besides their passion for the Fuhrer, they shared one more thing: a taste for suicide. His last lover committed suicide, and the one before attempted it twice. She finally managed to fulfill her wish in 1945, with her lover in her arms. There are other stories of Hitler’s women. But what is more interesting, is his sexual preferences. Psychological assessments of his personality concluded that he probably adored being beaten and urinated on. Reports from his women also say that he was extremely peculiar in the sack (example: he begged to be kicked repeatedly by a woman).

3. He Invented the Concept of Blow-up Dolls


I am positive you didn’t know this one. Hitler realized that his soldiers had needs just like everybody else (sleeping with one another – for which they would be executed, or sleeping with the locals – and if they were Jewish, again, they would be executed). So what could he do in this situation? He came up with an excellent idea: the blow-up doll. The proposal was constructed, and if recorded, it would have made for a hilarious moment.

4. He slept A LOT

Hitler often woke up after 11 o’Clock. Next time your parents nag you about your sleeping schedule tell them Hitler did the same. In second case, maybe you shouldn’t. But why did Hitler sleep so much? Reports say that he was suffering from insomnia. This means that he would usually pace up and down his room until 3-4 A.M. in the morning. This is surprising, considering the success of his missions. When he would finally fall asleep, he would take at least 8 hours to wake up.

5. He was Afraid of Blades


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Hitler was so afraid of blades that he couldn’t even stand a haircut. He was mortified when someone else held a blade near him, and this usually made him feel extremely comfortable when going to the barber shop. This fear probably comes from his idea that many people want to take his life. This is the main reason why he would usually shave himself.

These are the 5 strange things you did not know about Hitler, or did you? Other interesting facts include the fact that he was a vegetarian, that he would never take his jacket off in public and that he was a high-school drop-out. But you probably already knew these ones.

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