Street art from Brazil

smokingstreetart Brazil is known for their colorful culture and carnivals, but did they stop there? The answer is no. Now you can walk along some streets in Brazil and feel like you are in the middle of a cartoon, with funny drawings making the pavement a bit less gray and boring.

turtlestreetart tapestreetart rabbitstreetart mousestrreetart2 mousestreetart brazilstreetart Brazil is not the first to introduce street art, you can find it in Paris and Barcelona where an artist has used masking tape to create great art.


  1. Reminds me of some fire hydrants in Berrien Center, Michigan. They were all painted to look like people. I wonder if they’re still there….

  2. Hi there! I’m from southern region of Brazil(Capivari de Baixo – Santa Catarina) and don’t ever know where are located these street art… Maybe Rio de Janeiro? Eh, or maybe São Paulo… Btw, cool… Street art! I didn’t know that had this here in Brazil. 😉

    Olá! Sou da região sul do Brasil(Capivari de Baixo – Santa Catarina) e nem sei onde que estão localizados esses trabalhos de arte feitos na estrada… Talvez Rio de Janeiro? Eh, ou talvez São Paulo… Legal, trabalhos feitos na estrada! Eu nem sequer sabia que tinha isso aki no Brasil. 😉

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