Nine Excellent and Easy Tricks for a Stronger Psyche

Excellence is not easily achieved and in spite of countless efforts we might not always get to where we are heading. The issue is how we deal with said setbacks and how they translate in our general state of mind. A stronger psyche isn’t found lying on the street and conditioning it is well worth the trouble. Ambition will get you far but it is not enough for those wanting to reach certain goals and when the path to your dream home, career or relationship begins to be slippery, you might want to have nerves of steel to fall back on. So how does one go about being mentally strong?


#1 Refuse to wallow in self pity

Finding excuses for lack of success is a healthy thing to do when trying to process failure, but there is a fine line between analyzing a situation and assigning blame or even blaming yourself. Your life and your decisions belong entirely to you so when things hit the fan, accept it and move on- uncomplicated.

#2 Pleasing everyone is like seeing dolphins climb trees- impossible.

Advice number two on our tricks for a stronger Psyche is about pleasing people. The sooner you accept this simple truth, the better it will be for you to be what you are and act exactly how you are better represented. Respect is one thing, being a suck up is another. Trust yourself to be what you are, not what others expect you to be.

#3 Leave envy for movie villains

It’s never true that others are walking the easier path or have the simpler careers. You can never judge what someone has done for success or how much they relied on luck, but you can be sure that such behavior will only cloud your judgment and not allow you to correctly analyze things that are right in front of you.

#4 There is nothing to be received for granted

Your success is that much more relevant when it belongs entirely to you. It’s not true that someone can be proud of a position received due to connections or other form of reward. True appreciation can only spring from things obtained after sustained effort- it gives you a sense of extreme pride.

#5 Good things take time

So don’t expect everything you’re waiting for to happen overnight. Results can take forever to manifest and you can get sidetracked or frustrated when you don’t see the fruit of your labor. You do know that you’re on the right path when things manifest and your passion doesn’t fade.

#6 Past events shape no futures

This means that your main focus should be getting those things done which require your attention. Use mistakes to prevent new setbacks but never dwell in negative outcomes because they will influence how you handle new events in your life.

#7 Risks are a must-do

There is no achievement that hasn’t come out of risk. Fearing the unknown is a natural response to new things but this doesn’t mean that we should always choose the safest option. Many entrepreneurs rely on their gut, but even if your instinct isn’t a radar for excellent opportunities, sometimes the risk you are about to take will make the difference of a lifetime.

#8 Let go of what you can’t control

We can only do so much and most of the time it is not in our power to influence outcomes even if our lives depend on it. As much as we hate it, letting things go is a must in some situations and there is no choice but to adapt.

#9 Never give up

You’re clearly on your way to the top so live your truth by ruthlessly following that which you want to achieve- don’t allow yourself to lose your passion. You will get there.

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