7 Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags

A friend in need is a friend indeed, that’s what they say. Well women could better identify with the saying: a hand in need is a hand indeed, or something like this, as they carry all sorts of strange stuff in their handbags. The interesting thing is that they don’t usually carry tons of junk just for themselves, but keep it there in case somebody might be in need at a certain point. Motherhood is in their genes, what can I say. So let’s find out some of the crazy, apparently useless 7 stuff women carry in their handbags.

According to a recent survey, among the things one can find inside a woman’s handbag, one can usually find screwdrivers, sex toys or spare knickers. Common stuff includes keys, tampons, pens, tissues, medication, make-up, chewing gum and snacks. But hold on for the really hard stuff.

1.     A hammer

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags1

You never know when you come across a stubborn nail or a stubborn male. You must have a knockout tool at hand to solve the problem, mustn’t you? Things need to be mended wherever you go and relying on men for help is supposedly a bad decision, in spite of everything.

2.     Vampire voodoo doll

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags2

Well this one goes without saying. Women are sentimental beings, and their loved ones need a bit of nail digging from time to time, just to remind them they are alive. So if your girlfriend or wife carries something like this in her bag, it means she definitely thinks of you all the time.

3.     Confetti or balloons

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags3

You never know when something calls for a little celebration. That’s why many women are always prepared to make someone’s day. So a hefty plastic bag full of confetti is just the thing for that. Some of them carry both confetti and balloons as a reminder of a past happy event in their life. These are therefore more like a sample of past happiness. The balloon that the love of your life once bloated, or a sample of the confetti used on their wedding day.

4.     Piano tuning fork

8 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags

This one exceeds my imagination, as piano tuning forks have been found in handbags that didn’t belong to musicians. Some of them probably use them for eating, as emergency forks, due to their increased resistance. Maybe you can help me figure this one out.

5.     Tarot cards

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags5

When finding some answers is what you are looking for, try carrying a pair of tarot cards with you by any means. They probably use them while going to the supermarket to help them decide between the frozen chicken and the rabbit. Women have a different connection with the Universe, that’s for sure.

6.     Child’s hair sample

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags6

For all the times he’s away for college or just outside the house, building a snowman. Women need to recall the days when their child was all theirs.

air, 7.     Weight scale

7 Apparently Useless Stuff Women Carry in their Handbags7

They never know when they’ve gained a few ounces. It’s super fast and easy to use. There’s plenty of time later to think about scoliosis. They just take it out of their Marry Poppins bag and use it whenever they feel the urge to monitor their weight. This is far more important than the issues related to world hunger.

“A woman’s handbag is an extension of who she is and helps her facilitate the numerous roles she plays in the 21st century,” said Australian style commentator Kathryn Eisman. She seems to play all the roles, I’d add. “What a woman keeps in her handbag is a reflection of their life and women who are on the go need to be organized.”

What a waste of their time!

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