The Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

Anyone who has a cat in their life knows that it can quickly become an obsession. In that case, what you need is a stunning cat gift to move your obsession onto the next, even scarier level.

A Cat Lion Wig

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

If you want to transform your gentle cat into a roaring, ferocious lion the best approach is to pump him full of steroids and feed him raw meat. A more practical approach is to stick on a lion wig and see if he gets instantly transformed into the king of the jungle in this way.

The Cat Fountain

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

You don’t want your faithful feline buddy to suffer the indignity of having to sip out of a common plate, do you? With this convenient, decorative cat fountain he can quench his thirst while appearing to be elegant and refined.

The Cat Glass

Stunning Gifts for Cat Lovers

Of course, the best cat gifts aren’t just for our whiskered friends to use. As cat owners we also demand gifts that make us look as though we are cats, even if it is just for a fleeting second while supping a glass of warm milk. This glass is pretty cute.

The Cat Hanger

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

You knew that some weird and slightly scary cat gifts were on their way, didn’t you? Well, the wait is now over, as you can see from this horrendously bizarre cat clothes hanger. To be fair, the shirt is probably even worse than the hanger.

The Giant Play Area

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

What genius came up with the idea of play areas for cats in the first place? Did they think that the little feline devils were bored sitting about all day? Sitting about all day is what they love most of all. If I put my feckless puss onto this thing he would just look for the most comfortable place to lie down all day.

The Cat Lover’s Clothes

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

So, you love cats and you want to let the whole world to know about it. The first option to consider is that of pushing a shopping trolley filled with dozens of mangy moggies around busy pedestrian shopping areas. If that doesn’t appeal to you for some reason then the next best thing to do is to wear some cat lover clothing like this.

The Cat Plane

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

I’m not going to even attempt to lie to you by claiming to know what this car gift is. Sure, it’s a plane and –look! – there’s a cat in it. I guess that what I want to say is that I haven’t got the faintest idea why you would treat your favourite feline flier to this treat. Is it a bed or somewhere comfortable for him to pass some quality leisure time?

More Cat Wigs

Stunning Gifts for Cat Lovers

Isn’t it a shame that cats often have to go through their lives with exactly the same hairstyle? For example, you very rarely, if ever, see a moggy with a perm or dreadlocks. The beauty of these cat wigs is that they make a perfect gift for the discerning cat that wants a different look but isn’t too keen on spending hours in a beauty salon.

The Cat Mug

Stunning Gifts Every Cat Lover Wants to Have

If you want something more traditional and less freaky then what about a mug as a cat gift? This one would look great with some hot chocolate and a dollop of cream in it. As would just about anything, to be honest.

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