Sweet Dreams: Best of Nightmare On Elm Street (Part 1)

Elm Street was a quiet little space nestled in the heart of Springfield, until Fred Krueger showed up. Krueger was a known child molester and killer who turned the town into a legend. The parents of the slain children gathered to destroy Krueger. The tortured and set him on fire, killing him in the process, but he returned. Not from the dead, he returned in the dreams of the kids in the town. He haunts and teases them, always controlling what they do as long as they are asleep. The kids in the neighborhood try to keep one another awake, whether it be coffee, staying with one another, or more sadistic was such as cutting themselves, their goal is to stay awake as much as possible. Freddy will get them in their sleep. His unique ways of murder is inventive yet effective. We are delving into the series and the most creative ways Freddy disposes of the teens living on Elm Street.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

nightmare on elm street 1984

The beginning of the modern Elm Street murders. Nancy, the leader of the teenagers being hunted in their dreams by child molester and murderer Freddy Krueger. The teenagers have no idea why they are being chased and killed, but their parents hold dark secrets about Kreuger. Young Johnny Depp is involved in one of the coolest killings when he is sucked into his water bed and a blood flood shoots from it and covers the room. The ending gives away the fact that there will be more to follow.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2

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Freddy’s Revenge is set five years past the original. Nancy and her family has moved from the house and the Walsh family has moved in. Jesse, the main character has basically taken the place of Nancy and is being chased by Freddy in his dreams. His girlfriend, Lisa, finds a diary containing his nightmares. Lisa finds about the old power plant where Freddy brought the children years ago to kill them. Jesse’s friend Grady sleeps over at Jesse’s house and is killed by Freddy. Jesse’s body is taken over by Freddy and he attacks Lisa at her pool party. Lisa chases Jesse (Freddy) to the power plant and proclaims her love for him. Freddy burns to the ground as does the power plant. Jesse emerges from the ashes and things seem to be normal. The next scene has Jesse and Lisa on the bus with their friend, Kerry. Jesse has a nightmare during the bus ride that the bus is running out of control. Jesse wakes up to a normal bus ride. He is relieved until he looks over at Kelly. She is impaled by Freddy’s knives and as they scream in horror, Jesse and Lisa see Freddy driving the bus and he drives off the road towards darkness.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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One year after Jesse and Lisa went missing, Kristen Parker is up late creating a papier-mache of Nancy Thompson’s Krueger house. She refuses to sleep because of the nightmares. She drinks coffee to stay awake until her mom forces her to go to bed. Once asleep she sees a little girl on the front lawn. The girl states “Freddy’s home”. She wakes and tries to kill herself. She is sent to Westin Hills hospital. There she meets dream specialist Nancy Thompson. Nancy finishes the rhyme about Freddy and gains Kristen’s trust while in the hospital.

This Nightmare on Elm Street had the best all around death scenes. The puppeteer death was awesome as was the television death scene. This was the first time Freddy looked like a bad ass killer. A nun tells the story of Freddy’s origin and Nancy knows that her father is the only person who knows where Freddy’s bones are buried and they must destroy them. After a cool, but confusing battle, Nancy is wounded by and simultaneously kills Freddy and dies in Kristen’s arms. Freddy disappears into a swirl of light. Dr. Neil Gordon attends the funeral and sees the nun he spoke with earlier. He chases her, but as he gets closer he looks down to see her tombstone. It reads “Mary Helena – Amanda Krueger”. He realizes the nun was Freddy’s mother all along. He goes to bed that night with the dream doll Nancy had given him. As he falls asleep, the lights in the papier-mache house turn on and Freddy’s laugh echoes through the scene. Freddy is still with us…

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

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The most successful “Nightmare” until Freddy vs. Jason (2003). Kristen, Joey, and Kincaid return as they leave the mental hospital into normal society. They are seen meeting in the hallway of school. Kristen has made a few other friends too and seems to be doing well. Later, Kristen dreams and pulls Joey and Kincaid into it. They are not happy about it. They are in the Krueger house and she shows them the cold boiler and empty house. Kincaid falls asleep that evening and is seen in the salvage yard where Freddy’s bones were buried in the last movie. Kincaid’s dog, Jason, accidental brings back Freddy and he kills Kincaid in the salvage yard and then gets at Joey and kills him. Kristen goes to school the next day and realizes they are not there. She faints and Freddy finds her and tries to kill her. She awakens.

She tells her new friends about Freddy and that night, she dreams and is caught again by Freddy. She brings Alice and Rick into her dream and they run to her house where Kristen is burning to death in her bed. One by one Freddy destroys Alice’s friends to entice her to battle. Alice and Dan chase Freddy to a church. Dan is injured and is awaked from sedation. Alice must fight Freddy alone. ALice remembers the “Dream MAster” rhyme and shows Freddy his reflection in the mirror. They souls of the children rip Freddy apart as the glide to heaven. Freddy’s clothes fall to the ground as he disappears. The next day Alice and Dan walk to a wishing well and tosses in a penny. Alice thinks she saw the reflection of Freddy, but quickly dismisses it and they walk away.

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