Talk about unusual home, family living in the cave!

cavehouseThe Sleeper family, Curtis, Deborah, and their three kids are living in the cave, literally. It’s a 17,000 square foot gouge in the earth that dates back to a 1930s sandstone mine in Festus, Missouri. Measuring in at 45 feet underneath a forest, this unusual home has to be seen to be believed.

insidecavehouse insidecave infrontcavehouse housecave cavelivingroom roomcavehouse Despite their unusual home, the Sleepers decorated with antique furniture, creating an interesting combo–modern lines and natural textures within the same space. Make sure you use the right home appliances to have all your housekeeping tasks done on time ….


  1. have delivered pizza there…they are not rich for sure they have been working many many years on this place

  2. What a gorgeous home! I guess sandstone must not seep moisture from the forest above. If there were a lake out in front of this, it would probably be my husband’s dream home.

  3. Not rich….. No we did not get foreclosed on… thank you for the kind comments.

    Curt Sleeper

  4. Wow. First off I have to say you guys with the stupid comments, get of the internet. You don’t belong here.

    As for the house, I’ve always thought it would be really neat to do something like this. I really like it.

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