Tattoo locations

Before you decide to get a tattoo take a good look at what every location at your body says about your personality. That tattoo will be there forever, so think carefully through before you take this big step.

Be also sure that the tattoo is the right one for you, and what it will say about you, whether it is of Asian character, barbed wire, a band name, a sports team, video game based tattoo, or something else.



  1. This is more true then it should be. It’s obviously not going to fit everyone, and even some of the people it DOES fit won’t admit it. Come on, no one wants to be a stereo-type even when they are.

    I have a couple of tattoos. One on the boob (just because I wanted one) and one on my right shoulder blade/back and not wings or a dragon either, it’s actually Harley Quinn. I decided to get things that I like and mean something to me. One of my friends tends to get money and decides she wants a tattoo and then at the parlor tries to figure out what she wants. Drives me nuts. I could never get a tattoo that way. I usually get the idea that I might want one and if the idea sticks around in my head long enough, I save up the money and get it. Then I show it off like mad for the next month or two… and then eventually forget I even have it until people start talking about their tats.

  2. Fucking bullshit. I have had tattoos over almost the entire body sinen I turned 17 Have had lots of jobs and paid taxes. Did tattoo on my hand when I worked as a security officer at Brisbane airport intrnatonal. So take the guide and stick it up your ass

  3. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I’m a female AND have a full sleeve and my entire lower half of my alternate arm covered. I work for a major insurance company as a licensed agent. And NONE of my work is even remotely similar to what’s on that chart. You’re closed-minded, like the rest of America. Go vote for your republicans and pretend to live by your big book of fables.

  4. You’re all dorks,….. this is just for a bit of a laugh not a factual text book chart. If you’re so easily offended, maybe you’re on edge with the existence of your tattoo.
    I couldnt give a damn, this is funny.
    Forearm and hand tattoos…….. it’s a generalisation….. face it…. you have one here the chance of you even GETTING a job will be diminished whether you like it or not, or right or wrong.
    And the back area…….. take a second look….. it states 67%.

  5. Nobody’s easily offended…but this post is generally pretty offensive. Its all ridiculously negative and some of it very much untrue. I’m 19 with lotus flowers up my spine, and they’re a religious tattoo. My dad has 2 tattoos on one arm and 1 on the other, a fourth on his back, and he’s about to graduate from his second stint at college as a licensed massage therapist! My mom has one of my name on her breast and one of my brother’s on her back. None of these stereotypes even begin to fit my family, and it bothers me that other types of people are not included. As far as jobs, many jobs accept tattoos now, given that they are tasteful, and more are beginning to accept appropriate body decorations. This post is over-exaggerated(sp?) and doesn’t take into account the other side of things. What happens if someone young or gullible or legitimately attempting to learn comes here and sees this? Think about these things…everyone needs to be taken into account. Also: its a matter of opinion. If I choose to feel insulted about this, then leave me be. It is NOT your place to tell me how to feel about something.

  6. I’m not saying, by the way, that there aren’t people who perfectly fit these stereotypes…I’m merely stating that thats not all there is, and some people can get the wrong idea.

  7. Ha ha, very funny…I think the “faggy lameness” is all about this chart. And the people who agree with this shit, come on, grow up ffs, its all a bunch of stereotypes that aren’t even funny.

  8. Its interesting to see that most of the people on here disputing the validity of this chart are young people who have not yet realized what their tattoos will do to their respectability and employability when they get old enough to have a real job. Im not saying that its not possible, but its deffinetly unlikely that anyone with hand/lower arm/face/neck tattoos are going to be able to hold a respectable job. You just wont be taken seriously. I am the proud owner of almost 200 tattoos, but when I am dressed in professional clothing, you cannot see any of them. I would not hire someone to work in my office who had these sort of tattoos. Its just unacceptable. I know that you will get all butt hurt about these comments and start defending your ridiculous decision to tattoo your forehead or some other ludacris place on your body, but the reality is professionals dont have body art showing. Tattoo all you want, but remember: Grown ups dont work at Taco Bell, and with that stupid neck tattoo, thats the best you can hope for.

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