Tear-Off Fliers Show That Creativity Goes A Long Way

If there is something that won’t go out of fashion it has to be the tear-off advertising fliers. Since I’ve been a kid they have been all over the streets. The best parts about it are that you can have fun with it, everyone can do it and it takes so little time to make one. All you need is paper, a computer with printer, or maybe just even a pen, and a pair of scissors and you’re basically good to go.

Throughout the years people have been more and more creative about their tear-off fliers, and here are some awesome examples. The more fun the advertising is the more people will be attracted to it. Now, some kinds of tear-off fliers just exist to put a smile on your face, but they are useless, like these ones.

Personal waxing service.

Lose your weight creative ad

Piano classes

Jamaican Dreadlocks Hairstyle studio.

Hockey practice.

Hairstyle studio

Hairstyle for kids

Dentist ad

Another dentist ad

Ballet classes ad.

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