Teddy bears, pillows and furniture made out of money

piggy-bank-made-out-of-moneyThis “coin furniture” may be fun to have in your apartment, but if you are seeking comfort, you should definitely pick another one because these are just for decoration purposes.

49-year old artist Johnny Swing is the man behind these creations. He uses coins and nickels like quarters to make unique chairs and couches. Other pieces of his furniture project are pillows, piggys and teddy bears that are made out of dollar printed fabrics.

Every object is for sale at Vivre. A similar thing has been done by another artist who has created torsos out of coins and other unusual materials. And others have enjoyed using dollars to create money origami.

money-piggy-bankmoney-teddy-bearmoney-teddy-bear2 pillow-money money-pillow coin-furniture coin-chair coin-chair-2 coin-bench coin-bench-2 creator-on-coin-bench


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