Ten Stunning Homes Built Around The World

A house is not only a house because when you fill it with love and a family it becomes a home. Before it can do so, however, it has to be built properly so that it may inspire the owners to build a life inside of it. We have therefore found ten stunning homes that are so perfectly built, so beautifully created and are on such magnificent pieces of land that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with them.

Acayaba House


Built in Sao Paulo by Marcos Acayaba, this house uses the beauty of wood and elements of geometry to create a home that is not only inviting but also unique. It has an innate warmth to it that, put together with the plants that surround it and the beautiful dim lighting, it is the perfect retreat for anyone working in the big city.

The Deck House


Have you ever fancied glass walls that go all around your home? Well this is exactly what the architect Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido envisioned when designing this beautiful glass fronted home on the hill, where natural light floods the house from three sides. Paired with the wood and the white walls, it looks absolutely stunning.

Unique Design


Kuala Lumpur is the home of an absolutely stunning construction by Jouin Manku. This home is asymmetric and uses several elements in its composition, from glass and wood to other unconventional materials. Just make sure to be a bit unconventional if you want something like it.

House of Mirrors?


This Daniel Liebeskind design in Connecticut is certainly unconventional to say the least with asymmetric lines and reflective materials used creatively as with this home. It’s certainly going to make a statement and if you decide to own such a house, there will be no regrets.

Guest House


Combining wood and lusterless glass to create a vintage impression, Shim-Sutcliffe designed an absolutely breathtaking Guest House found in Don Mills. Hidden among trees, in a scenery that is absolutely wonderful, this house creates the perfect relaxation atmosphere where you can unplug from absolutely any type of stress.

Simplicity and Elegance


Less is more no matter what topic and where this home is concerned, there is absolutely nothing that could make it any more stunning than it already is. Vintage furnishings belong to Paul McCobb and Harry Bertoia. The glass wall works beautifully with the white interior and pastel colors to add warmth and openness to the space.

The Home with THE View


This beautiful house overlooks the Pittwater Bay in Australia and offers the best of both worlds- the hills with its beautiful trees as well as the sea with its warm waters.  The design belongs to Rob Brown and it offers everything mother nature has to offer to those living in it- breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, a house with a view, the fresh air, natural light and warm climate.

Wood and Glass Motive


It seems that architects have their preferences when it comes to glass and it does look absolutely perfect in pristine woods where you’re alone with nature. Just have a look at this magnificent design- who couldn’t picture reading a book on that porch?

Natural Lighting


Another option for your home is having white wood and materials painted in pastel to make sure that absolutely every amount of available light is captured and used to its full potential. This home, for instance, uses extremely large spaces in combination with natural light coming down from the ceiling to create an idyllic effect.

Green House Home


Comprised only of glass, this may be a bit much for conservative home owners since privacy is no longer achievable (granted, you can opt for just the living room to look like this) but it is nevertheless breathtaking.

Dream in White


Our personal favorite is this beautiful ensemble that has all the previous elements shown in all other stunning homes, but in a completely different manner. The white sofas that mix the new with the old, the beautiful scenery and the multiple white lamps complete the home with a wonderful look.

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