Thank God: The Magic Tray

Clumsy tray-carriers of the world, rejoice! The Magic Tray is here to solve all our tray-carrying problems. No longer will we embarrass ourselves when we lose our balance and spill a glass of red wine onto our grandmothers’ white living room carpet. No longer will we stumble and send that precious china plate hurtling down towards the hard linoleum floor, where it smashes into a million unglueable pieces. And no longer will we lose our new girlfriends by tripping on our untied shoelaces and spilling the entire contents of a plate of freshly cooked lasagna down their newly bought blouse. Lucy? Where are you, Lucy? I said I was sorry!

Actually, The Magic Tray is not really here, it’s currently only a prototype. But it’s a great idea, I think you’ll agree. Designed by Ryan Jongwoo Choi, a watchful observer of tray-carrying calamities, its “magic” comes from a magnet that fills the inside of the tray. This attracts the magnets embedded on the bottoms of a collection of cups, mugs, plates and bowls that would presumably come with the tray. When the tray is lifted, the magnetic attraction is activated, and the dishes are stable even when the tray is tilted. When the tray is set down, the magnetic attraction is broken, and the dishes can easily be lifted off.

So, with The Magic Tray, accidents like this, when not involving Spider-Man, will no longer result in broken plates:

They may still, however, result in broken legs. But hey, your plates are in good condition!

Check out how The Magic Tray works below in a series of helpful diagrams and an official video. Also, it doesn’t say it here, but I’d advise against laying your iPhone on The Magic Tray when carrying the tray: its technological insides may get a little frazzled by the massive magnet pulling it below.

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