The 10 Wackiest Hats You Ever Did See

If you want to get ahead get a hat, they told you. What they never told you is that getting a wacky hat would make you look like a fool. How were these visitors to the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot to know that they would look so silly with their unique headgear on?

1. The Man Hat

The Wacky Man Hat

We are used to seeing ladies looking silly with their foolish choice of headwear, so it is good to see that men can make utter fools of themselves as well. Now let’s take a look at the ladies.

2. The Jockey Hat

Wacky Jockey Hat

Is that a jockey in her hat? I believe it is. How incredibly hmm weird. You need to have a good degree of self confidence to go out in public with a silly hat like this on. Or else have a good few sherries swirling about inside you.

3. The Horse Hat

The Weird Horse Hat

This one is a stroke of genius. You see, it is a hat with a small horse on top of a platform with labels hanging off it. Because that’s what heads are for. Obviously.

4. The Disguise Hat

The Weird Disguise Hat

If you are going to wear a wacky hat you might as well make it one which hides your face. This way, if anyone asks you whether they saw you at Kentucky or Ascot wearing a ridiculous hat you can say that you watched it at home on the TV with a bare head.

5. The World Cup Hat

The Wacky World Cup Hat

The lady who chose to wear a Soccer World Cup hat on the big day probably thought that it was a good idea at the time. I bet she had a sore neck the next day, though.

6. The Ice Cream Hat

The Wacky Ice Cream Hat

Does that weird hat have an ice cream cone on it with a stick of chocolate sticking out of it? Why, I believe it may very well do. Only the good Lord knows why, though.

7. The Breakfast Hat

The Wacky Breakfast Hat

There is a real gap in the market when it comes to mixing breakfast foods and headgear, when you think about it. When did you last see someone wearing a baseball cap with a croissant hanging off it, for example? Or a Panama hat with some muesli on it? This is the first wacky hat to ever make me feel hungry, although the bacon looks a bit crap if we are being honest.

8. The Pergola Hat

The Wacky Pergola Hat

I have a pergola in my garden that looks a lot like this hat. Is that the look they were trying to achieve with it? Why would you even want to do something like that?

9. The Union Jack Hat

The Weird Union Jack Hat

Is this even classed as a hat? It looks more like a big bow to me. Anyway, it goes on her head and looks downright silly so I am going to count it as one if that’s ok.

10. The Flower Hat

The Wacky Flower Hat

I have called this the flower hat but I am not sure that it is a flower on top. That’s the great thing about silly hats; you can put any old tat on them and it doesn’t even have to make any sense whatsoever.

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