The 5 Worst Video Game Movies of All Time

Sometimes turning video games into movies works out incredibly well – Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, they were all really fantastic! However, sometimes they just don’t work out as planned. Here’s a list of games turned into movies that didn’t work out as well as the makers had planned them to:

5. Doom

Getting a wrestler who can’t act to star as the movies protagonist is going to make this a fail from the word go! Based on the legendary video game series we all know and love, Doom follows the story of a space station which rips open a dimension into the demon world. Sounds good but it’s not. The only real novelty the movie ever had through its entirety is when it changed into first person view mode as a way of giving fans of the video game some sort of recognition to the game. Of course this was short lived and doesn’t take away the bad acting, terrible action scenes and Dwayne Johnson. There hasn’t been a video game movie this bad since Mario Brothers.

4. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Street Fighters are all about huge warriors, hadouken’s and fantastic storylines. So it’s obvious that a movie which takes all that away and turns it into a run of the mill action flick is going to end up on this list! Aside from the fact that Bison is some scrawny blonde guy in a suit, Chun-Li is American and super arts are replaced with gun fights, you also have to contend with an appalling storyline and bad acting! If you are a die hard Street Fighter fan then avoid this movie at all costs. It’s directed by the same guy who made the Doom movie, need I say more?

3. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

You can’t make a regular old CGI sci-fi movie, brandish it with the name Final Fantasy to draw in fans of the fantastic RPG franchise and then disappoint them by having absolutely no game related elements to it. We’re not saying the movie was completely awful as it did have quite an interesting story to it and the animation was very impressive, but it just wasn’t Final Fantasy and was an insult to all of us who paid good money to see it at the cinema.

2. Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive games aren’t the best when it comes to the fighting game genre. For some reason the developers believe that by giving the female characters large pixilated breasts that we will succumb to buying into the franchise. It didn’t work with the games, why would it then work with the movie?! With no real plot, a Ryu Hayabusa that looks nothing like Ryu Hayabusa and terrible cheesy acting, this movie is nothing more than a big flop!

1. House of the Dead

This very unpleasant movie completely dishonored the arcade rail shooting franchise we have all grown up with. Made up of one dimensional characters, poor acting, awful techno music and a bunch of things that don’t make sense, it’s easy to see why this movie ended up on the list! One minute zombies can only be killed with a shot to the head, other times they can be killed with a shot to the chest. The only real resemblance this film has to the video games is the fact that it has zombies in it, but that’s about it! For the most part it’s just filled with pointless action scenes, and over use of silly special effects and the usual failsafe of adding half naked women into the picture. Avoid!

This is a guest post written by Simon Pearman, Simon is a writer for Liberty Games a supplier of arcades and other cool games room gear.


  1. You don’t even know what the Doom movie is about. How can I trust your info on the rest of these titles when you can’t get simple info correct?

    P.S. Dwayne Johnson can act. Okay, he is no Ed Norton but he is better than Hulk Hogan.

  2. I could have summed up why House of the Dead sucks with one sentence, “It’s a Uwe Boll movie.”

    That movie had Erica Durance skinny-dipping in cold water in a white thong and he managed to screw that up!

  3. How could you possibly leave “Alone in the Dark” out of the list? It’s Uwe Boll’s masterpiece of bad adaptations.

  4. Don’t forget “Bloodrayne”, another one of Uwe Boll’s masterpiece of crap. Apparently you’ve should of listed all his movies, they all were bad. He’s not the next Ed Wood for nothing.

  5. With a title like “worst video game movies” I thought this was going to be a list of bad movies based on video games, but 3 are decent to good movies. Dead or Alive and Doom were decent and Final Fantasy The Spirits Within was great. Just because Spirits didn’t directly relate to any of the bajillion games (almost none of which relate to each other anyway) doesn’t mean it deserves a spot on this list.
    I do agree that Legend of Chun Li and House of the Dead were terrible though.

  6. The most failed movies are skipped here… Wing Commander, FarCry (another Uwe Boll’s “masterpiece”) and others.

    “FF: The Spirits Within” was freakin amazing! Maybe it wasn’t related to the games but as a movie it was awesome!

    @Antihero, Max Payne was also great as a movie (even though the plot differed from the game).

  7. Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was never meant to be a game adaptation so it doesn’t belong on this list at all. Square Pictures wanted something completely original and something that could be viewed without the audience needing to play the games to understand the storyline and relate to the characters. Us FF fans got Advent Children to meet our needs.

  8. You haven’t watched many video game movies, have you. I suggest watching…
    Street Fighter (1994)
    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997)
    Super Mario Bros. (1993)
    Tekken (2010)

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