The Amazing Spider Man Set To Be Continued With Sony And Marvel


The Amazing Spider Man, one of the most beloved superheroes of all time will be continued by two moguls in movie making . The sequel of The Amazing Spider Man set to be continued with Sony and Marvel.

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios have made an announcement saying that Sony will be taking Marvel into the amazing world of Spider Man. The contract stated that the new Spider Man will appear first in a movie made by Marvel, belonging to Marvel Cinematic Universe.
After, Sony will release the further chapter of it $4 billion franchise with Spider Man 3, set for the 28th of July 2017.The cast is yet to be announced, and also the plot is still unknown and fans are most certainly  impatient about seeing the trailer.The film will be produced by Kevin Feige and his professionals team from Marvel and Amy Pascal, who took care of the launch of the franchise for the studio, thirteen years ago.


Together they will start a collaboration regarding a new creative direction for the project. The finance will be continued by Sony Pictures, also they will provide the distribution, they will own and have the final creation control of the Spider Man movies.

The new collaboration is the sequel of long time speculations among fans whether Spider Man, who has been for ever an elemental and important part of the bigger Marvel Universe in the comic books, could become a member of the Marvel Universe on the big screens.

Spider Man has a history of over 50 years in the world of Marvel, and along with this deal, fans will have the chance to experience Spider Man, receiving his rightful place between other Super Heroes in the MCU.

The CEO and Chairman of Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, stated that Spider Man was one of the greatest characters Marvel owns, and it is loved all around the world. He added that they were thrilled to collaborate with Sony Pictures and bring the uber famous web slinger into the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe, deal which would open amazing new opportunities for storytelling and building of the franchise.

He mentioned that Disney has always been eager to collaborate with the most successful film makers that would help their franchise grow and help to the development of their characters.


Kevin Feige from Marvel, along with Amy, who helped coordinate this deal, make the perfect team when it comes to the producing the next episode of Spider-Man 2, stated the CEO and Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Michael Lynton, and added that this was the correct decision for the business, the franchise, for Marvel and for all the fans.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have a common love for the characters in the universe of Spider Man and have a long time standing successful background of working together. The president of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, Doug Belgrad, declared that the new collaboration was the perfect approach of taking the story of Peter Parker into the future.

Marvel seems also excited about the association, as the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige stated being thrilled to team up with his friends from Sony together with Amy Pascal, for the production of the Spider Man 3 film. He added that Amy has been very involved into the creation on film of one of the most beloved characters in the world. Marvel hopes to successfully reach the creative and authentic demands that fans are expecting from MCU. Feige showed his excitement for the chance to have Spider Man, appear in the MCU, a thing that both Marvel and fans have been expecting for years.

Spider Man is embraced on the whole planet, and is the most successful franchise in the entire history of Sony Pictures, as the five movies, have brought earnings of over $4 billion worldwide, The Amazing Spider Man 2 alone, has brought  $708,982,323 worldwide and The Amazing Spider who was released in 2012, brought $809,942,906 worldwide.

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