The Best and Worst Chat Roulette Fails


One of the best things about Chat Roulette is that you get to laugh at how silly other people look as they randomly appear on your screen. Hang on though, doesn’t that mean that they are probably laughing at you too? Maybe it would be a better idea to just look at some funny screenshots of other people’s Chat Roulette fails from around the world.


chat roulette screenshot funny mask fail

Some charmers try to win over a lady with patience and an infinite amount of subtlety. Others go on Chat Roulette with a silly mask on and get straight to the point. In this case the reply was as bizarre and ludicrous as the request, so I make that a double fail.


chat roulette screenshot girl tongue

As tongues go it is a pretty interesting one I guess but is it really that interesting? The one who looks like Prince Harry seems to think so.


chat roulette screenshot fail

Not everyone can cope with their Chat Roulette fails it seems.


chat roulette screenshot funny paperbag

Is this the same guy with the silly mask from earlier on? If it is then this approach to conquering the ladies has, frankly, deteriorated even further.


chat roulette screenshot old grandma

Weirdos of all ages are welcome on Chat Roulette.


chat roulette screenshot funny mask

I don’t even know where to start with this Chat Roulette fail, to be honest.


chat roulette screenshot scary dog

What on Earth is that thing and why it is on here? Just two of the many Chat Roulette questions we will never know the answer to and probably don’t want to know the answer to either.


chat roulette screenshot scary

There are some things you should do in order to make more friends online. In this case he could at least have brushed his teeth before logging on.


chat roulette screenshot hair fail

So, you get connected to a random stranger from far away. This is an important moment and you will want to choose your friendly words of introduction carefully. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself though, can you?


chat roulette screenshot fat weird man

You will find all sorts of strange characters on Chat Roulette fails it seems. The text box isn’t shown here so we will need to guess what they are saying to each other. I am guessing that it isn’t going to be a lasting friendship.

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