The Dark Side of the Internet

Imagine if tomorrow, the Internet were outlawed and boom, overnight, it stopped existing. How would you pay your bills? You’d have to resort to using phonebooks again! If a friend of yours had run out of toilet paper, there would be NO way for you to know immediately via Facebook – in fact, by the time you and that friend got together, that information would no longer be useful, and you may NEVER find out about your friend’s toilet paper tragedy! If you were at a dinner party and were suddenly wondering whatever happened to the actors in The Waltons, you would have NO way of knowing, so you’d have to CONTINUE talking to the people you were with!

Let’s face it. The Internet, being likely the greatest invention of modern times, is an invaluable tool that puts all knowledge at our greedy little fingertips. Like a beehive, the instantaneous information that flits across the globe in seconds informs the rest of the colony, transforming the way we do business, the way we learn, and our relationship to the rest of the world.

But you are about to watch a video about what may happen to some of us if we neglect to adapt the ability to intelligently filter the plethora of information vying for our attention. Let what happens to George in this video be a warning: it probably won’t happen to you. It probably won’t happen to even stupid people. In fact, it’s probably just a stupid video.

By Michael McLaughlin

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