The Disappointing Aspects of Time Travelling the Movies Don’t Tell You About

According to the movies time travelling is fantastic. Sure, you might alter the course of history and almost destroy humanity in the process but just think about how much fun it always looks like. It’s a shame to think that time travelling isn’t as exciting as we are led to believe that it is. If you don’t believe me then take a look at this evidence.

Your Life Is, Was and Will Be Kind of Dull

Time Travelling and Time Pieces

Why would you want to go back and see what you did 10 years ago or what you are going to be doing in 10 years time? You are only going to get depressed when you see how boring your life was, will be and therefore surely is currently. I admit that zipping through the years might be mildly entertaining if you could relive that great time you went to the beach with Angelina Jolie or get a sneak preview of the night you become a national hero by scoring an unbelievably important goal or a home run or whatever. None of this happened or will happen though. Instead, you will see how you used to sit around doing nothing exciting and how in the future, well, guess what you do?

Flying Cars Will Never Exist. Ever

It doesn’t really matter if you slip through a convenient wormhole or find a way of travelling faster than the speed of light. You won’t find flying cars whenever you get there. For some reason automobiles which can soar into the heavens are a staple of science films set in the future. They certainly sound great, don’t they? I can imagine myself flying to work every day but I know that even the best time machine money can buy won’t let me do this. For a start, can you imagine the chaos if all of the world’s cars suddenly started taking off and flying all over the place. There would be wreckage and body parts all over the place in no time. I seem to recall a film in which there were roads up in the sky but that is just a ludicrous idea and you shouldn’t expect to ever see it. The same disappointing principle applies to transporter beams, killer androids and invisibility cloaks. Actually, you might be quite pleased to find that there are no killer androids roaming about in the future but the rest of these non-technologies are quite disappointing.

You Won’t Look Cool; You’ll Look Like a Time Travelling Nerd

I blame Michael J. Fox. I really do. Ever since 1985 many of us have automatically assumed that time travelling makes you cool. After all, if anyone asked if you wanted to make a little trip to say, 1980, then I reckon you would be expecting a DeLorean, a nice jacket and maybe even some Calvin Klein underpants and an electric guitar. The problem is that you are more likely to make your adventures in the space time continuum wearing the sort of geeky gear which makes people run away from you. Even your mother probably wouldn’t fall in love with you if she saw you step out of your nerdy time machine with ridiculous clothes on, which is probably another good thing if you think about it. Hey, maybe this time travelling stuff isn’t as disappointing as I thought it was.

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