The Five Fastest Talkers Known to the Internets

The average speaker of English articulates about 120 words a minute. These fast talkers are pushing 600 words a minute or more. It can be difficult to measure talking speed, as some fast talkers speak more clearly than others, but there is no doubt that if words were bullets, these folks are packing Uzis.

John Moschitta, 586 words per minute

If you were alive in the 1980s, you know John Moschitta. His most famous appearances were as the FedEx guy and the Micro Machine Man.

Fran Capo, 667 words per minute

Although not quite as clear a talker as John Moschitta, New Yorker Fran Capo broke her own world record in Las Vegas in 1990, firing out 603 words in 54 seconds.

Sean Shannon, 655 words per minute

This Canadian businessman can recite Hamlet’s 260-word “To be or not to be…” soliloquy in 23.8 seconds.

Leroy Van Dyke

Auctioneer and country music singer Leroy Van Dyke holds no official time record for words spoken per minute, but he is one of the best known auctioneers. He even recorded a song called “The Auctioneer” in 1956, which sold 2.5 million records.


Hop hop has long been known as an ideal venue for those wishing to display lightning fast enunciation skills. Here are 16 of the fastest rappers known to hip hop.

by Will Conley


  1. I disagree that the rappers are “enunciators”, in that you cannot understand most of what they say and the vast majority is mush-mouth lazy-ass slurring.

  2. @big mike: Yes, as if you can understand all of everything that anyone speaking that fast can say. Read the lyrics with the rapping and you’ll get it….dont base your opinion on your personal inability to understand,…. i can understand most of the shit rappers are sayin, not all..

    With that said. “BusDriver” needs added to this rap list.

  3. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Steve Woodmore from London, England.

    He can speak 637 words per minute (faster than John) and he was the one that took the world record from him in 1990.

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