The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes

Do you remember those simple, care free days when we didn’t have to worry about our Facebook profiles and pictures? Now, we need to constantly be on our guard to avoid becoming a laughing stock for millions of people we don’t know and will never meet face to face. Thank goodness we have these funny Facebook photo memes to help us laugh at other people instead.

The Cat Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Cat Meme

Those blooming cats get everywhere on the internet, don’t they? Here, we can see how our feline friends take their selfies to put on their profiles. I bet a stupid old dog couldn’t do that.

The Secret to a Better Facebook Photo Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes

Ah, if only it were this easy to get a better Facebook photo. These days you can’t even Photoshop your pics or your will have people scrutinising them and turning you into a meme. Life must be so much easier for those people who look good in photos without having to resort to tricks.

The Background Annoyance Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Background Annoyance

Some of the funniest Facebook photos around are the ones in which the person taking their picture seems completely oblivious to the fact that behind there is a relative on the toilet, a couple of animals having sex in an unorthodox way or some highly embarrassing personal hygiene products. This girl is too busy pouting to see the toilet based action going on right behind her.

The Misleading Picture Meme 

The Misleading Picture Meme

Does this look familiar? The great thing about using a wildly misleading picture on your Facebook profile is that your crazy stalkers either don’t recognise you in real life or else they lose interest in you and stalk someone else.

The Politically Active Meme 

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes

The amazing success of the red equal sign on Facebook showed that it is now possible for us all to influence opinion and make a statement just through the Facebook profile picture we use. Now isn’t that something?

The Bad Luck Brian Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Bad Luck Brian

Bad luck Brian is an internet disaster. Everything he does turns out badly and now his great Facebook profile picture gets turned in to a meme. When will his luck change?

The Car Picture Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Car Picture

A lot of people seem to get upset when others put car images on their Facebook profile. I don’t see the problem in this. The real problem is when they give their car a name. What is that all about?  I can’t imagine that condescending Wonka would be too keen on those people either.

The Forever Alone Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and Forever Alone

Probably the only thing sadder than putting the Forever Alone meme on as your Facebook profile picture is when no one notices it. Life can be cruel sometimes and so can Facebook.

The Same Picture Meme

The Funniest Facebook Photo Memes and The Same Picture

There is probably some sort of technical medical term for the disease which causes people to update their Facebook profile photo on an almost constant basis. This would be fine if you had just got some of drastic haircut or plastic surgery to pin back your ears or something. However, if you look the same as you did in all the old pics what is the point?

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