The Greatest Time-Travel TV Series You Must Watch

Don’t we all wish we could have a way to turn back time? Time-travel is a goal that humanity has been dreaming of since forever. Even when it was way more scientifically impossible for it to become a reality than it is now, everyone would have slept a little bit better if they knew they could turn the clock and fix their mistakes. As we have it, there are plenty of time-travel TV series out there which feature a lot of it or which are founded on this concept. Unfortunately, those who get caught up in this vortex end up in more trouble than it’s worth it. Here are The Greatest Time-Travel TV Series You Must Watch.

#1 Doctor Who

Time-Travel TV Series: Doctor Who

Image Courtesy of BBC

It would be no fair list without the most popular and longest-running sci-fi series of all time. Doctor Who features a lot of leaps back and forth in time and space, all curtsy to the handy feature of the TARDIS that transports the Doctor and his companions anywhere they want. You can start with the 2005 reboot or you can try to catch up first to the decades of runtime of the old series.

#2 Outlander

Time-Travel TV Series: Outlander

Image Courtesy of STARZ

There are two kinds of time-travel TV series – there are those where the protagonists battle intergalactic hazards and monsters and there are those like Outlander. Based on a book series of the same name, this show starts with the simple concept of a 1945 nurse who gets zapped in 18th century Scotland. Although her struggle to pick between her husband in her time and her newfound Scottish love warn the viewer of a romance-filled story, Outlander will surprise you with its brutal lack of censorship.

#3 Primeval

Time-Travel TV Series: Primeval

Image Courtesy of ITV

In the case of this series, the ones doing the time-traveling are the foes that our heroes need to defend the Earth against. Primeval is a British sci-fi show that features a group of scientists-turned-defenders who travel about in search for anomalies in time and space that allow vile creatures to cross worlds. A five-season long series, Primeval is an excellent cross between Jurassic Park and Doctor Who and it features a lot of action to keep you engaged.

#4 Quantum Leap

Time-Travel TV Series: Quantum Leap

Image Courtesy of NBC

One of the most renowned and appreciated time-travel TV series of all time, Quantum Leap is a show that flawlessly taps into how a journey to the past can change history. Physicist Sam Beckett is the protagonist of this adventure where he leaps from one person’s body to another throughout his lifetime in order to fix the various mistakes in their lives.

These occurrences leave a huge impact on history, as we get to witness Jacqueline Kennedy eluding death during JFK’s assassination among others. Quantum Leap has five seasons and they are all streamable on Hulu and Netflix.

#5 Legends of Tomorrow

Time-Travel TV Series: Legends of Tomorrow

Image Courtesy of CW

A time-travel TV series that’s also full of superheroes and action?! Sign us up! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow showcase a team of misfit superheroes assembled for the purpose of leaping from one time period to another in order to stop the vile Vandal Savage from destroying the world. There are plenty of familiar faces that can be picked up on by DC loyalists and it works really well as a standalone show riddled with journeys through time.

#6 Continuum

Time-Travel TV Series: Continuum

Image Courtesy of Showcase

We’ve had romances, superheroes, and intergalactic battles – now it’s time for some detective work too. Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi series that follows Kara Cameron, a police officer from the future who trades her current timeline for our present times.

She befriends the boy who would grow into the man who helped her make the leap and gets tangled in a corporatist conspiracy that gives her the choice of whether she wants to save herself or the world as well. And if you’re wondering about the “detective” part of the show, there will also be some intriguing murder investigations ensuring.

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