The Largest Pet Ever – Buffalo Bailey Jr.

I’ve heard about people having lizards, snakes and koalas as pets, but a buffalo? Are you serious? Jim and Linda Sautner from Alberta in Canada owns the largest domestic pet in the world, a 1,600 lbs buffalo named Bailey Jr. They have raised him since he was a baby, and he is still chilling out inside their house where he always wants to cuddle or suck on Jim’s hand, and when Jim goes for a ride, Bailey Jr. loves to join.

He literally sits inside the truck – unbelievable. Buffaloes live up to 30 years, so I guess he will still be around for some time. Linda says that “it’s pretty interesting being married to a buffalo whisperer. The issue is the same for these two buddies; a man and a grizzly bear. The grizzly was even his best man at the wedding.


  1. Love him! He’s beautiful. But I have to ask the obvious question….is he house trained?? And if not, how do you handle all that poop?!

  2. He’s the cleanest buffalo i’ve ever seen, since the ones in the wild always look so mangy.

  3. the 10th. photo down is NOT!!! bailey..
    it is our buffalo WILDTHING in his room in the house when he was a year old. i wish someone would take wildthing off baileys artice..
    we now have 2 bison that come in our home WILDTHING and BULLET a total of 3400 pounds together.
    for mor info.. rc. and sherron bridges 903-356-4166
    als on facebook- WILDTHING BRIDGES

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