The Miraculous Enlightenment of Mr. Kenny Riordon

In VirginMobile‘s new ad that is making the rounds on Youtube, Kenny Riordon is having a bad week. Hey, it happens to all of us. Who hasn’t walked in on their girlfriend filming a devil’s foursome for a porn site in YOUR apartment?

The fact that the adulterous wench maxed out his credit card to the point of him looking foolish at the coffee shop was just icing on the top of the crap cake. Kenny got mad, and decided to make some changes in his life financially, including kicking his mooch friend off his couch.

He also switched cell phone companies, picking up Virgin Mobile. After hooking up with the barista at aforementioned coffee shop, his new phone told him about this crunk party in the middle of town that they were totally going to.

Once inside, things got really crazy. Among the highlights were a firebreather accidently setting his head on fire (go figure), Kenny ninja-kicking a would-be-mugger, and of course, some filthy something-something, if you know what I mean.

When he awakes, his new love is gone, but that does not deter him from going after her. Now if he can only remember her name…

Kenny’s moment of enlightenment came when he realized how much cash he could save by switching to Virgin Mobile, which offers affordable plans with unlimited data and messaging on iphone and android devices. Have you had any moments of enlightenment like Kenny? Think deeply about the answer to this question, and share you experiences in the comments below.


  1. Cool animation. epiphany like Kenny’s..I only buy knock-off brands of hand soap and mouthwash. Same ingredients. Gonna check out Virgin. Really getting sick of AT&T.

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