The Most Shocking and Terrifying Reality Show Scandals

The person who first thought of making reality shows should really be ashamed of themselves. As well as inflicting some of the dumbest shows in the history of the world on us they have also caused many scandals, or at least let us enjoy scandals we wouldn’t otherwise have known or cared about.

However, in amongst the fun there have also been some truly shocking moments.

Brian Heidik and Survivor Thailand Winner Reality Show ScandalSurvivor Thailand Winner Scandal: From Surviving Thailand to Shooting Puppies

Brian Heidik has had an interesting few years, hasn’t he? You would think that winning a million bucks on Survivor: Thailand would have been enough of a claim to game, but not for Brian it wasn’t. He then took the frankly unusual step of shooting a puppy in the head with an arrow. He claimed that he thought it was a coyote and it’s hard to argue with that kind of logic. To top it off, he was reported to police by his wife, who used to be a Playboy model, whom he also allegedly attacked. He used to be a porn star too.

The Marriage That Never Made It to Our Screens

The idea of a VH1 reality series with newly married NFL star Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) and his new wife Evelyn Lozada sounded quite promising. Then he got arrested. For beating her up. With his head. He got dropped by his team and then they got divorced. The show got dropped before we even got to see any of this, which I suppose makes this a not-quite-reality-show scandal but, hey, let’s not get too picky over our scandals here.

Big Brother Knife Scandal

If you were live on National TV in the Big Brother house you might like to play a little joke. After all, it would help make you appear to be a charming and more likeable person in the eyes of your housemates and the voting public.

CBS and Reality Show Scandals

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Maybe you could, I don’t know, hold a knife to someone’s throat and ask them if they would still love you if you killed them. Yeah, that ought to do it. The hilarious prank played by Justin Sebik was misunderstood by those bores at CBS and he got kicked out of the house because of it, although to be fair it wasn’t his first bit of controversy in the house. It was then discovered that he had a criminal record and the person whose throat he held the knife to (Krist Stegall) sued CBS.

Big Brother Brazilian Drunken Rape Scandal

Big Brother has also produced scandals in other countries and one of the most sensational ones happened in Brazil. Monique Amin appeared to be sexually attacked by a fellow contestant while she was asleep in a drunken stupor. He got booted off the show and investigated by police while she went on to make a career for herself as a saucy model.

Megan and Megan Wants a Millionaire Tragic Murder and Suicide Scandal

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Megan Wants a Millionaire Tragic Murder and Suicide Scandal

A genuinely shocking incident caused the new Megan Wants a Millionaire show to get dumped by VH1 after only 3 shows. Megan Hauserman had 17 millionaires trying to win her love but one of them got involved in a terrifying scandal. Ryan Jenkins was the only suspect in the horrifying murder of his swimsuit model wife Jasmine Fiore and the police charged him with the crime. Jenkins then killed himself in a hotel room and the show disappeared from our screens.

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