The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths

Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse is what they will tell you when you first become a rock star. What they won’t mention is the indignity of meeting your end floating face down in a pool or sitting on the toilet with your trousers at your ankles.

Some of the most popular and inspirational rock stars of all time died in shocking ways and here are some of the most shocking rock star deaths which shook the world.

Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracies

The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths and Curt Cobain

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It is hard to believe that the Nirvana frontman died almost 20 years ago. At just 27 he was tragically young when he apparently committed suicide and it is impossible to imagine what a 40 something Cobain would have been like. Drug addiction, illness, depression and relationship problems are cited as being the reasons behind his suicide but there are plenty of Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories around to keep you intrigued as well. Some people will tell you that he was murdered, some will tell you that he is still alive and still others will maybe even tell you that he was never even born. There is even a theory that he died because he played the guitar left handed (as this was possibly the cause for his stomach pain which caused him to take so much heroin).

John Lennon, the FBI and Stephen King

The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths and John Lennon

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If you want even more rock star death conspiracy theories then John Lennon will give them to you. On the face of it this was a shocking rock star death caused when a freaky loner flipped out and gunned him down in a New York street. Mark Chapman was the assassin of the 40 year old Beatles legend, with a little help from The Catcher in the Rye book he was obsessed with. However, was the US government behind it or did horror writer Stephen King (no, really) have something to do with it? Oh, and by the way, Paul McCartney really died in the 1960s it seems.

Tragic Jimi Hendrix Death

The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths and Jimi Hendrix

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How old would Jimi Hendrix be if he was alive today? He would be over 70. The fact that he died at the same age as Kurt Cobain is a real tragedy for the music world, as he was still at the height of his powers and surely had a good number of string bending classics left in him. There aren’t as many wild theories about his death but some people will you that, you guessed it, the Government killed him. The more traditional theory is that his wild, rock star lifestyle lead to him dying either through an overdose (he had consumed just the 18 times the recommended dosage of sleeping pills) or by rather more messily choking on his own vomit. The coroner recorded an open verdict on this shocking rock star death so we will never know for sure.

Mysterious Jim Morrison Death

Jim Morrison and The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths

Yet another rock star who died in the months before his 28th birthday was Jim Morrison, which means that someone has probably come up with a theory about the FBI knocking off rock legends who are 27 years old. Morrison was on a crash course with death for some time before it finally happened. It might have been a heroin overdose which killed him in the end but no autopsy was ever carried out and there are some theories (surprise surprise) that he is still alive and well and living quietly away from the pressures of fame. It would certainly be nice to think that Morrison didn’t really die back in 1971.

Dimebag Darrell

This rock star death is less well known than the others here but it is possibly the most shocking of all, as he was gunned down while performing on stage. This happened at a Pantera gig when a lunatic spectator called Nathan Gale shot him in the head before killing three others. The murderer then got killed by police. The killing of Darrell was captured on video, in a horrific piece of footage which is truly shocking.

Who are we missing? What were their stories?

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