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An Entourage movie has been said to be released for quite a long time, even if its appearance at some years after the series’ innovative and pop social atmosphere cannot help but make the whole experience seem like another shabby HBO translation to the big screen: Sex and the City. Thankfully, this is not as worse as the terrible Sex and the City 2, and the extension of Entourage to the silver screen seems more feather light and disposable than ever before.

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There is something very interesting about living vicariously through a fast-rising celebrity like Vincent Chase and the guys from Queen. That is in addition to Jeremy Piven’s smart agent, the infamous Ari Silver, whose relentless commitment to Vince was overridden only by his lack of self-control.

There is not so that much more to introduce the main characters. When it finally reached its end on HBO more than four years ago, Entourage had become a stale production for many of its viewers. After other years, things have not changed drastically. Viewing the film is like discovering an historical version of a second-tier modern movie and you wonder how all this happened.

Entourage starts in the rich waters of Ibiza, with a luxury boat party joined by many females, with some of them seeming to have lost their swimsuit. The host of it is Vince Chase (played by Adrian Grenier), the celebrity whose brief marriage has just led to a remorseless split Also present are his stepbrother Johnny and his close friends Turtle and Eric, the latter being also Vince’s legal adviser. A quick call brings Ari Silver, the long time agent who starts a new stage in his life by creating his own studio.

An interesting and undemanding show on the small screen, Entourage presented the charm of the show biz industry to demonstrate what it could be like to have the lifestyle of a top celebrity. Loaded with celebrity cameos or bro chitchat, the series whizzed by in half-an-hour installments and quickly created its large fan base that is following it until today.

Set at some time after the series ending, Vince is having a party in Ibiza after his spouse Sophia gets rid of him during their honeymoon vacation. Having by his side Turtle, E and Drama, he brings big news: he wants to make his directorial first appearance on a big movie similar to the classic Jekyll and Hyde. A fast cameo of Piers Morgan puts Entourage audience in touch with its scenario before the primary storyline moves forward.

Helped by Ari (who is now a studio room boss) to his $100 million needed for the movie, he goes way over the initial limit and it is now the duty of the group to discover the additional money from Texan traders the McCreadles. Operating in a similar way, Doug Ellin, a writer-director, follows the individual lives of this quartet.

It is all unraveling exactly how you would expect the Entourage films to be – one prolonged story with Vince in the role of the playboy star, Ari getting upset, Drama’s own delusion and Turtle an E with their same jokes. This all went over the viewers’ head on the TV series, thanks to the sun-drenched luxurious establishing and celebrities making their appearance in it, but when you pay for a movie ticket you want something with some more innovative material. Creatively and narrative, the scenario is extremely inert – there is no big display glimmer here.

However, Vince’s primary dilemma – the tent pole film going over its limit – is one high-class issue to have in Hollywood. His battle to succeed in the show’s beginning, in the middle of his loyal New York friends, provided Entourage a feeling of intimacy. Here, the viewers are pretty much left on the outside and looking at it through a window.

Moreover, the movie is loaded with storyline elements that never are settled or are linked up as a whole. E, the show’s most monogamous personality, is caught while sleeping with a couple of females in just 24 hours and learns his lesson the hard way.

Still, it has some scenes that hardcore fans will appreciate. Piven remains as amazing as you would expect him to be (his wedding guidance moment with Perrey Reeves representing the comic highlight), some cameos are interesting and a rejuvenated headline series even entices you to want more.

Entourage never made a secret of its recipe with gorgeous women distributed in various roles, but its common objectification of the females (mainly Emily Ratajkowski is the result of this treatment) results in a bitter taste. Entourage the film apparently prevails on an unusual level of truth far away from the average person – it is a swaggering way of life on movie that does not keep up with any resemblance of ours.

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