The secret life of Star Wars toys


This funny set of images is made by creative Argentinian photographer who call himself “Marker”. For models he always uses toys and make them more alive. Behind every image there is a visual story with a lot of details and humorous message and he also uses great lighting and great technique for his photography.

In this set you can see how Star Wars toys are going through recession and later check out how this guy uses a AT-AT toy as a pet.

stormtrooper-need-money stormtrooper-housewife jedi-need-cashstorm-trooper-che-sign darth-vader-toy-hopewill-plow stortrooper-family stormtroopers-mining r2d2-love-story its-a-frap hyper-travel-for-drink cup-of-jawa clone-veteran


  1. Thank you so much for posting these links! I’m so excited about these. I have yet to actually print and build anything, but I’m SO itching to!

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