The Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits You Wouldn’t Dare Wear

It must be great to be Lady Gaga, mustn’t it? Apart from the money, the fame and the wigs you can wear literally anything you want. All you need to do is rummage in a collection of pathetic old fancy dress outfits and pull out whatever comes to hand first of all. If only we were all as brave as this we could wear weird Lady Gaga outfits like those below.

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Lady Gaga Muppet Coat

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Muppet Coat

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You know what it’s like. You’ve got an interview coming up on German TV and literally nothing to wear. As you flick through your wardrobe you get depressed as nothing looks quite right. Ah, but what is that green jacket lying forgotten in a corner and croaking? That’s right, possibly the worst of the awful Lady Gaga outfits we have seen is the Kermit the frog coat. Bizarre, green and somehow rather spooky.


Lady Gaga Nest Mask

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Nest Mask

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This wasn’t quite a full outfit but I reckon that turning up for an event looking as though you lost a fight with a bird’s nest shows a lot of guts.

The Red Lace Gaga Look

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Red Lace

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I think this strange Lady Gaga outfit is more understandable. She clearly put on her red see through lace dress and liked the colour so much that she looked around for anything else she had in the same tone of red. As luck would have it, there was a red face veil lying around. Now wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a red crown somewhere in here…Ah, bingo

Lady Gaga in Bubble Wrap

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Bubble Wrap

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When we were kids we all loved popping bubble wrap, didn’t we? It is one of the undeniable pleasures of childhood and it seems a real shame that we need to grow up and stop doing things like this. Well, if you want to copy one of the weirdest Lady Gaga outfits then you could enjoy bubble popping all over again.

Raw Meat Lady Gaga

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Meat Dress

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You know, it seems a shame that we don’t look in our refrigerators before getting dressed up for big nights out. Right now I have a withered looking broccoli and a pot of peach yoghurt in there which I guess I could knock up into a decent look. However, the thought of being dressed entirely in raw red meat all night long makes me feel a little queasy.

Disgustingly Bright and Bold Gaga Suit

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Bright and Bold Suit

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I honestly don’t even know where to start with this one. You could gather an infinite number of colour blind monkeys with hideously bad taste and a grudge against the fashion world and they couldn’t put together that outfit.

Lady Gaga Nun Outfit

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Nun Outfit

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It is only know that I am at the end of the list that I have realised just how many truly awful Lady Gaga outfits there are. I could have chosen from about 10 other shocking pictures but I just think that this nun look sums her up. The outfit if completely, horrendously, unforgivably bad and there is just enough controversy there to get people talking about it even if they don’t know who she is. You wouldn’t dare go out like that, would you?

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