The Strangest Human Body Parts You Ever Saw

We need to travel far and wide to see the strangest body parts in the world. It’s worth it, though. Here you will find tiny waists, giant hands and frankly disgusting ear hair. What more do you want?

The World’s Smallest Waist

Strangest Human Body Parts and The World's Smallest Waist

I don’t know what is most impressively insane about this picture; the fact that the lady has a waist that measures 15 inches (38 cm) or the fact that she is 70 years old. This perfectly sane lady who wears a corset 24 hours a day is called Cathie Jung and she calls herself the Queen of the Corsets. She would though, wouldn’t she?

The Widest Tongue Around

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Widest Tongue

Have you ever measured your tongue? Jay Sloot has. This gifted Australian found that his is 3.1 inches wide, making it the widest on the planet. Probably. At least it’s the widest tongue of all the people who have measured theirs and told other people about it, which kind of narrows the field a touch. I wonder what it would feel like to put a whole load of popping candy on such a big tongue. Could you overdose on that stuff?

The Longest Human Nose

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Longest Human Nose

I am guessing that you worked out what Mehmet Ozyurek is famous for before you even read the words. Yes, this cheery Turk has a giant hooter. His oversized conk measures in at a massive 4.5 inches long, which is over 11 cm for any metric fans out there. I just measured my own beak and have to confess that I am closer to Mehmet’s record than I would really like to admit.

The Popping Eyes

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Popping Eyes

Did you even know that there is a record for eyeball popping? Seriously, who would come up with something as frankly unhinged as that? Kim Goodman, is the answer. This lady has two strange body parts which pop out of their sockets an astonishing 12 millimetres. Of all the useless talents you could have this is probably my favourite.

The Planet’s Largest Hand

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Planet’s Largest Hand

Lui Hua is the person who was the owner of this incredibly large hand. In fact, you won’t be overly surprised to discover that it was the bigget in the world. His fingers grew so big that they were wider than his arm. The thumb on his left hand measured a staggering 10.2 inches and the index finger almost 12 inches. The good news is that 11 pounds worth of hand were taken off in an operation and he is now the owner of a less enormous hand.

The Big Mouth

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Big Mouth

This is another for the “How did he even know this?” file. A chap called Francisco Domingo Joaquin is from Angola. His nickname is Chiquinho but that’s not even the strangest thing about him. This man has the widest mouth in the world. At an impressive 17 inches wide it is big enough to, well, you can see the picture.

The Longest (and Most Stylish) Ear Hair

Strangest Human Body Parts and The Longest (and Most Stylish) Ear Hair

Can we count ear hair in with the strangest body parts or does it need its own disgusting category? Ah what the heck, it’s not like this is a college exam or anything. Ok, so what’s the story with this blooming ear hair? Most of us hide this sort of hideous hirsuteness or cut the stuff off. Not Radhakant Bajpai though. No siree, this dude is the proud owner of 5.19 inches of prime ear hair and he doesn’t care who knows it. To be fair, it’s better looking than the hair on his head.

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