The Strangest Pet Accessories You Can Actually Buy

What do you buy the pampered pet that has everything? I promise you this question isn’t really as pointless as it seems. There are plenty of strange pet accessories to choose from when you want to add a bit of spice to the little chap’s life.

The Cat Unicorn Hat

The Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you know those idle moments when you look at your cat and wish he was a unicorn? You know you do. Well, now your dreams of having a feline friend with a single horn can come bizarrely true. This inflatable unicorn horn for cats is possibly the most useless thing I have ever seen. Cats love it, though, according to the box.

The Pet Sauna

Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you often feel a bit guilty when you go for a sauna session and leave your slobbering mutt at home? Well, you could take the old boy in there with you. But, that seems awfully unhygienic. Instead, you can buy him his own personal sauna. Now everyone is happy.

Dog Beer

Strangest Pet Accessories

Beer for dogs really exists. What’s even more puzzling than the mere existence of this stuff is the fact that there appear to be two different flavours; I guess this is for the discerning pooch. What next; whisky for cats? Gin for bunnies?

The Pet Camera

Strangest Pet Accessories

What could be more utterly boring than sitting and watching a video of what your pet does when you’re not around? You already know what he does, anyway. He licks his private parts. He goes to sleep. Now you can use this pet camera to capture all of this riveting action and then sit back and watch it at your leisure. Don’t forget to stock up on the popcorn.

The Goldfish Walker

Strangest Pet Accessories

Isn’t it such a shame when you go out for a walk and need to leave your beloved pet fish at home all alone? Err, not really. He’s only a blooming fish, after all. Well, some enterprising person invented a strange pet accessory called a goldfish walker. It is as silly and pointless as it sounds, in case you were wondering.

The Cat Translation Device

Strangest Pet Accessories

Ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Of course you bloody well haven’t. He’s a cat and he’s not trying to tell you anything. That didn’t stop someone from inventing a cat translation device so you can try to understand what your kitty is saying.

The Pet Wardrobe

Strangest Pet Accessories

This is another of the strangest pet accessories you can really buy right now. This wardrobe is perfect for storing your dog’s clothes and stuff in. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up sharing my wardrobe space with the little hairy fellow. Now he can hang up his jackets and put away his collars in his very own little piece of furniture.

The Cat Wheel

Strangest Pet Accessories

If you want your cat to stay fit and full of fun then the answer is simple; get him a wheel. This giant wheel is big, it’s cumbersome and it will completely dominate whichever room you put it in. Never mind, the cat will love it. If he doesn’t then you can always use it for making moonshine.

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