The Ten Most Unusual Celebrity Deaths

People die in strange ways all the time but when they are celebrities their passing away becomes a lot more interesting to a lot more people. Here are some of the most unusual and mysterious celebrity deaths ever.

Whitney Houston

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Whitney Houston

The singing superstar had been looking as though she was heading for trouble for some time before her demise. Even so, the news of her death in February of 2012 shocked the world. The official cause of this unusual celebrity death was accidental drowning but a host of conspiracy theories have been suggested, including one which suggests that she sold her soul to the devil and was murdered by Satan worshippers.

Bob Crane

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Bob Crane

The man who became famous because of Hogan’s Heroes had a clean cut reputation until his messy death. He was battered to death with a tyre iron in a motel and then had an electric cord tied round his neck. The accused was acquitted and suggestions of murky business dealings have never been proven.

David Carradine?

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and David Carradine

He may have been famous for his role in Kung Fu in the 1970s but his unusual celebrity death ensured an even more lasting legacy. Carradine met his maker in a Bangkok hotel while wearing fishnet stockings and a woman’s wig. He had been asphyxiated while hanging naked from a closet. It was either an erotic game gone wrong or a murder by a secret society of martial arts experts, depending upon who you believe.

Lupe Velez

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Lupe Velez?

Lupe starred in about 50 movies films in the 1920s, 30s and 40s.She was married to Johnny Weissmuller of Tarzan fame and had an affair with Gary Cooper. Sadly, her life ended when she drowned in the toilet. That’s right; she tried to kill herself with an overdose but the pills only made her feel unwell, so she headed to the toilet, where she fell over and met a nasty end.

Gwili Andre

Most Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Gwili Andre

This Danish star dated Howard Hughes but still failed to make the acting breakthrough which was expected of her. Disillusioned by her failure she, err, burned herself on top of a giant pile of her publicity clippings for one of the strangest celebrity deaths ever.

Vic Morrow

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Vic Morrow

Unlucky Morrow was on the set of the film, Twilight Zone: The Movie when a low flying helicopter decapitated him.

Bruce Lee

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Bruce Lee

What exactly killed Bruce Lee? There have been many theories- drugs, a curse, an allergic reaction etc – but it seems as though we will never know why he died so suddenly at just 32 in a famous and mysterious celebrity death.

Brian Jones

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Brian Jones

One of the founders of the Rolling Stones, Jones drowned in his swimming pool in circumstances which have never been fully cleared up. Was it due to drink and drugs or was it murder or suicide? Why did Keith Richards and Mick Jagger not go to the funeral?

Bon Scott

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Bon Scott

Another strange rock and roll death happened to AC/DC singer Bon Scott. After a night of heavy drinking in a pub in London he slept the night in a friend’s car but was dead by the morning. He possibly choked on his own vomit or through a drug overdose, got poisoned by the car’s fumes or froze to death.

Natalie Wood

Unusual Celebrity Deaths and Natalie Wood

One of the most controversial and unusual celebrity deaths came when the actress, and wife of actor Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood drowned at sea. Rumours of arguments between the couple in the presence of friend Christopher Walken on the boat have lead to persistent rumours of foul play in the 30 years since she met her watery end.

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