The Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2011

When it comes to American traditions, we have plenty:  muscle cars, National Lampoon’s anything,  tailgating, and above most, Super Bowl commercials. These multimillion dollar blocks of advertising real estate have become as important to the spectacle as the game of football.   In the wake of Super Bowl XLV, it’s only natural that we here at This Blog Rules take a few moments to outline some of our favorites.

5.  The Bridgestone Beaver

Aside from the fact that beavers are sort of hilarious by nature (what with their big teeth and poorly veiled innuendo), we’ve all been in that driver’s situation.  At least, the “almost hitting a small animal and subsequently making weird eye contact with said critter” situation.  We all like to hope that, should the situations be reversed, that animal we spared might someday come to our rescue.  Plus, that is just one super cool beaver.

4.  The Bud Light Dog Party

Bud Light has given new definition to the phrase, “Party Animal.”  Personally, I’ve always wished my pup would take some initiative and bring me a cold beverage.  Of course, I’m content to let him just hang out, given his distinct lack of opposable thumbs.  These dogs; however, know how to throw a party – going so far as to pay homage to their legendary poker-playing predecessors.

3.  Chrysler Defends Detroit

This ad, featuring the rapper Eminem, has made waves among the media.  Rightfully so.  Detroit is one of those unfortunate cities that has not fared well in the face of our failing economy, and its growing notoriety as a center of poverty and crime has caused most of the United States to turn its collective back on the Motor City.  We say, “Well played, Chrysler.”  Detroit IS American, absolutely and without a doubt.  We are only as strong as our weakest part – if we ever hope to rise above our current disaster, we must lift up those fading cities across our nation and make them as proud as they once were.

2.  Doritos and the House Sitter

Doritos have become one of the most notable advertisers during the Super Bowl, and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year.  This ad was completely unexpected.  These life-giving Doritos must really be something special, although we all secretly hoped that Grandpa might come back as a zombie.  Wait…scratch that.  If Nacho Cheese Doritos makes zombies, I’ll stick to Cool Ranch.

1.  Darth Volkswagen

There are few things in this world better than the real Star Wars.  The tiny Darth Vader in this commercial is one of those things.  Anyone that has grown up in the Lucas Age has wondered what it would be like to have Jedi powers, and the expression of joy and disbelief in that tiny Sith Lord happy dance was something that we can all relate to.  I can only hope that when I have children, they’re cool enough to walk around in full Darth Vader gear and pull it off as well as that kid.

By Katie White

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