The Top Ten Vodkas Reserved For Fine Tastes

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that vodka has quite the reputation. But you’re here, so it’s probably safe to assume there’s no hatred involved. One of the reasons behind vodka’s popularity is that it’s so incredibly versatile. You can enjoy it as a highly alcoholic, pure and raw drink, you can blend it into delicious cocktails, or you can just parade a bottle around because everyone knows vodka is hardcore. However, if you take your vodka seriously, you won’t settle just for anything. Any enthusiast of the crystal beverage needs to get their hands on at least one of the top ten vodkas of the world.

Top Ten Vodkas

#1 Reyka

Reyka is an Icelandic brand that’s earned its place among the top ten vodkas of the world partly because of its uniqueness, partly because of the mere preparation process. It’s the first “green” vodka in the world and its preparation requires glacial water and distillation via energy harnessed from geothermal heat.

#2 Van Gogh Blue Vodka

Master Distiller’s Tom Vos’ premium-quality vodka is the result of triple distillation and a very specific creation process. Using wheat that originates from Holland, France, and Germany, the Van Gogh Blue Vodka is a dryly crisp beverage, free of alcohol harshness, which was removed during the third distillation process.

#3 Adnams Longshore Vodka

The Adnams Longshore Vodka is critically acclaimed and was lauded on a very prestigious level. It received a “Gold Outstanding” rating at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. The judges commented on the drink’s long finish, the outstanding roasted cereal flavors, and the sherbet aromas.

#4 Grey Goose

Grey Goose snuck its way among the top ten vodkas of the world through the power of trust-building and customer prestige alone. Having been produced since 1997, it’s one of the most lauded vodkas in France, produced only with fine-quality wheat. It’s affordable and incredibly compatible with plenty of cocktails.

#5 Viche Pitia Lemon On Milk

A name like that might not inspire a whole lot of trust, but you never know until you try, after all. Despite the fact that vodka infused with lemon, honey, and cream flavors sounds like a recipe for disaster, it was actually a proper recipe for success. Viche Pitia was awarded the title of “Best Flavor” at the World Vodka Awards.

#6 Crystal Skull

This vodka comes in a fancy packaging, but that’s not all it has going on for itself. It’s lacking the typical additives and citrus oils that can be found so very frequently in other spirits of the same sort. Heads up – the bottle creates some foreshadow, as this vodka really kicks like a mule.

#7 Mamont

As all the top ten vodkas, Mamont has something that makes it special. In its case, it’s the story of how it even came to be. A group of explorers stranded at the South Pole during a 2001 journey vowed to discover a mammoth. Surprise, surprise, they did! And, thus, this vodka was created as commemoration.

#8 Ketel One

The Ketel One has been produced since the 17th century and it’s the finest type of product resulted from a family business. The vodka is filtered through charcoal and before it gets its finished version, it’s tasted by every member of the Nolet family.

#9 Snow Leopard

You know how vodka makes you all fuzzy inside because alcohol tends to do that? Snow Leopard does it in the metaphorical sense too since 15% of the brand’s profits are geared towards the protection of actual snow leopards. One thing to note is that this vodka hides its methanol taste so well you can easily get carried away.

#10 Stolichnaya Elit

Bottled with class, this Russian vodka is easily one of the top ten vodkas currently floating around the market. Its trademark is the distinctive smoothness of the spirit, the result of a filtering process executed in freezing conditions.

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