The Very Best Photobombs You Ever Saw

The recent trend for photobombs to appear on the internet is one of the finest advances of the 21st century. Sure, modern medicine is pretty cool and technology is sort of advancing along the right lines. However, nothing can beat someone’s snap being ruined (or enhanced) by another person popping up unexpectedly.

The Celebrity Photobomb

The Celebrity Photobomb

Don’t I recognise that reasonably attractive person photobombing in the background of this photo? Heck, I think I might recognise the fairly ugly dude at the front as well. Beyonce gets us started in style with a quality photobomb on Haloti Ngata. Strangely, she looks a lot more startled then he does.

The Toilet Photobomb


When exactly did people start taking personal photos in public toilets? I have to confess that it is something I don’t remember ever coming across in the past. This was the kind of place where you would go and sort out your bowel based business without flashlights going off all over the place. Of course, if you start snapping in a public lavatory you just don’t know who is going to appear unexpectedly in your photo. By the look on her face, this lady clearly doesn’t approve of toilet photos either.

The Animal Photobomb

Animal Photobomb

Even the animals want in on the photobombing game these days. In this example, the age old struggle between canine and feline sinks to new depths of sneaky behaviour. Of course, the pooch looks perfectly well aware of the cat in the background and is silently yet meticulously planning his cruel revenge.

The Underwater Photobomb

Best Underwater Photobomb

It turns out that even under the water we aren’t safe from having our photo opportunities interrupted. The great thing about this photo is that the fish seems to be genuinely enjoying his moment of glory.

The Presidential Photobomb

Bill Clinton Photobomb

The beauty of photobombs is that anyone can in on this game if they want to. Even highly respected and universally loved ex-presidents can do it. Bill Clinton sometimes does it as well.

Another Animal Photobomb

The Best Animal Photobomb

Is that an ostrich or a turkey looking at us in a cold hearted, soulless kind of way? Whatever the hell it is the look on his face is priceless. He just couldn’t resist it, could he? Try and shove him out of the scene and he’ll probably peck your eyes out, the little darling.

The Long Distance Mooning Photobomb

The Long Distance Mooning Photobomb

The act of mooning is something you don’t see or hear a lot about these days. Like using public telephones, posting letters and distilling your own moonshine, this is something which has simply disappeared from most people’s lives. Thankfully, this person decided to roll back the years and moon on the happy couple. He probably spoiled the sweetest photo of their lives, the bare buttocked genius that he is.

The Wedding Photobomb

Best Wedding Photobomb

So, it’s your wedding day and you take a lovely photo in the middle of the street. Hang on though, who’s that person in the background? My sources tell me that it is someone called Zach Braff, who is apparently pretty famous.

Another Celebrity Photobomb

Best Celebrity Photobombs

Gosh, those celebrities just can’t resist getting in on other people’s photos, can they? In this case it is Kelly Clarkson who famously got it on the act.

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