The Weirdest Painted Faces Ever

Have you ever had your face painted by one of those face painters who hang around festivals? Pretty lame, wasn’t it? Your painted face looked kind of stupid if we are being honest. If you really want a weird painted face then you want to try one of these designs. Then you can really freak out everyone you meet.

The Gremlin Face

The Weird Gremlin Painted Face

You can correct me if I am wrong but I think this is a gremlin, of going completely nuts if they get fed after dark fame. Can you imagine painting your kid’s face like this for the annual school charity fair? This is the face of James Kuhn, and you will see him again in a few of the other photos here. He went a whole year painting a different crazy design on his face every day and this is one of the strangest and scariest ones.

The Double Face

The Weird Painted Double Face

Oh my god, they’ve stuck someone’s face onto someone else’s face, the crazy artistically leaning sadistic monsters that they are. Actually, this is a pretty neat optical illusion and I think it might be Einstein’s face they have painted onto some random dude’s face. Hang on a cotton picking minute though. Why are there three eyes on his face(s)?

The Famous Double Act Faces

The Famous Double Act Faces and Weirdest Painted Faces

If you aren’t happy with one weird painted face then here are two, with two characters on each of them. Cool, aren’t they?

The Pizza Face

The Pizza Face and Weirdest Painted Faces

As much as I love pizza (and I love it more than life itself) I have never considered painting my face like one. Call me an old fashioned spoilsport if you like, but walking around like a cheese and tomato covered piece of baked dough has just never been an ambition of mine.

The Falling Eye Face

Weird Falling Eye Painted Face

This is a simple but effective piece of face painting. It acutally looks quite realistic when you first look at it, doesn’t it?

The Weird Face

The Weirdest Painted Faces Ever

You don’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley, do you? What on Earth have they done to his face? He’s got a blooming shark coming out of his mouth and some innocent waif swimming on his forehead. What did he do to deserve that? I dread to think what fearsome underwater creatures are painted on his rear end.

The Taj Mahal Face

The Weirdest Painted Faces and the Taj Mahal Face

Here we have another double bill. The top one is the Taj Mahal and it is pretty strange. However, I can’t quite work out what the second weird painted face is meant to be. Is it a demented parrot?

The Bamboo Face

The Strange Bamboo Painted Face

I think this is someone painted as bamboo, isn’t it? I would be too frightened of being attacked by giant pandas to try something like this. You might think I am being overly sensitive. You might even have used the phrase “spineless coward” to confirm this. However, if you want to run the risk of a hungry panda eating your face then I’ll leave you to it.

The Animal Faces

The Weird Animal Painted Faces

These are all utterly weird face paintings of animals. I don’t even know what the last one is meant to be. Is it a shark?A clown fish? The state flag of a diminutive African country?

Another Double Face

Double Face and Weird Painted Faces

This one is pretty cute. It is another case of a second face being painted onto a real face. Which one is real and which one is painted, though?

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